Just another Manic Monday…. A Day in the Life…. In Pictures

Who likes Mondays??? Mine has been more good than bad though I would say, but as most probably find, Monday’s can be a bit manic, so here is a quick A Day in the Life of Mrs Plus Size & Proud in pictures!

Mr Plus Size & Proud was in charge of the child this morning, so I  had an extra 30 mins in bed…. Now, I could’ve used these extra minutes to apply the war paint, but the bed won I’m afraid!


Driving to work (pre-make up)


Phew!  It’s amazing what a coffee and a bit of slap can do…..

In true Sesame Street style, today’s outfit is brought to you by the letter’s T for Tesco (my mate’s Flo & Fred again…. ) and N for New Look.  The top is an old faithful “Perfect Tee” from Tesco along with the pumps…. I love these pumps, comfort with a bit of retro style all in one place!  All picked up last year, along with the skater skirt, New Look sale latter part of 2013.   I was inspired to wear the skirt today having caught up with NattyNiki’s Blog from Saturday featuring an amazing skater skirt…. Unfortunately the only skater skirt I own is plain black and nowhere near as fab as Niki’s,  but I am sure that the shopaholic in me will rectify this imminently!

IMG_00001069_edit IMG_00001076_edit

Now on to the grub of the day…..


Breakfast – Ham, Tomato & Brie Panini (Average Portion)


Lunch – Left over Sunday Roast (LARGE Portion)


Dinner – Lasagne (Small Portion)

It’s hard work cultivating these curves you know!!!!!  However, I can honestly say that with the exception of an apple during the afternoon, there has been no other food pass my lips, no snacking or inbetween eating at all…. Honest, cross my heart & hope to die…. Lol!

Now for all the good stuff (and there was some more before the end of the day), we did have a couple of hiccups…..


A ladder very early on in the day, and one of the down falls of having a large chest…. I end up wearing my dinner on many occasions!

Before I logged off for the day, I received an amazing notification from Facebook…. I’d only gone and won Pink Clove UK’s #FreebieFriday competition and one of these amazing frock’s in my choice of colour! So watch this space for an up and coming review!


I’ve gone for the green…. Believe it or not, I don’t think I have any green in my wardrobe, and it’s about time I did!

And then……


….. It was time to go home!

In amongst all the manic-ness of today, I also received two deliveries from Yours Clothing (one directly and one that a friend had got for me).  Another couple of future review posts for the future…..

I am now off to give the dog a haircut….  ‘Cos that is how I roll!

What is a typical day in your life???  I hope it is a bit more exciting than mine…. Lol!

BIG Love

S x

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