Men are most definitely from Mars!!!

I had the dentist today…. Not very exciting, had an old filling drilled out and refilled, no injection I might add (tough as old boots me!).  Anyway, I was most impressed when one of the Receptionist complimented me on my style, said how much she liked it, realised it was 50’s, probably because she promotes the 40’s style when she can.

Anyway, I came home, told the hubster about what she had said and about the 50’s style I was, and had been wearing for sometime now, to which he replied “Since when???”  Where has this man been the last however many weeks???????  When I explained I had been trying to wear this style for sometime now, his response was that he tries not to look as it only then worries him as to how much this is all costing!!!!!!!  I wonder why I bother sometimes…. Humph!!!

Anyway, it would be rude not to show you all my Outfit / Look of the day, so here it is!


Top – Was my mate’s Florence & Fred, but I bagged it from a charity shop!

Cardi – – Been in search of a red cardi for a while and was so unbelievably chuffed when I found this!  Really good quality to.

Hair Flower – Handmade by the lovely Lisa Jones at Off With Her Head Millinery, she has her own website, sells via Etsy and is also on FB! Get over there she is fabulous! This was one of her poppies she made in aid of Remembrance Day, she donated a portion of the sale price to the charity.  However, I wear it ALL the time!

Well, it won’t hold me back from embracing my inner Vintage Betty, so watch this space!

BIG Love

S x


One thought on “Men are most definitely from Mars!!!

  1. Just chanced upon your blog.. and the title of this post really drew us in..!!

    Your 50s style is indeed cute, no wonder men are from mars. And we really loved how you are carrying horizontal stripes so well! Breaking that fashion myth in your badass way 😉

    Followed you!

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