Myth Busting & Cruella Deville OOTD

Some of you may not be aware that  almost a year ago I was referred to a dietician to try and reduce the old poundage.  I initially lost a stone fairly quickly, but have fluctuated ever since.  Recently, I have taken the view not to diet as such, and convinced myself that by not dieting I was not actually eating as much as when I was dieting….. This is clearly not the case…. Lol!  I went to the dietician today and in the last two months I have put on approximately 7lbs!!!!  Myth busted!

Having become more and more comfortable in my own skin, and surrounding myself with people who love me for being me, I can honestly say I am not trying to lose weight for cosmetic purposes, I know I am fit as f**k (LMAO) but merely for health reasons, as being a short fat bird, my BMI is excessive, which clearly puts pressure on the heart, I get out of breath carrying out the simplest of tasks, and I have a 5-year-old who needs me around as long as possible.  So, myth busted, by not dieting you will NOT lose weight…. Lol!  But all that aside, with the exception of sounding like a puffa train after walking up the stairs, I still know I am fat and fab  and continue to celebrate the curves, and today was no exception…. Here is my Cruella Deville Outfit of the Day:

Can you see my waist???
So very proud of my boobage…. Lol!

Bliss Jacket – Taking Shape
Dress – ASOS Curve (last October)
Tights – The Big Tights Company
Necklace – Drown Soda
(Use DROWNSODAPLUS and get 15% off your order)

Now, I love this outfit…. I feel totally fabulous in it, boobage, curves etc etc etc!  I first saw this jacket on Betty Pamper of Pamper & Curves during one of her recent visits to Taking Shape, Liverpool.  When I then stopped by the Peterborough Store for their Spring Event and saw it on the hanger I had to try it on, as Betty had looked so fab…. And the rest is history as they say.  I hope Betty doesn’t mind me trying to steal her style, but she does always look so amazing doesn’t she, so is it any wonder?  I got the jacket in a size 24, I’m not sure that I couldn’t have got away with the 22, but I didn’t even try it to be fair, but when the tie at the back is tightened up it gives a lovely shape to the waist…. I am very proud of my waist even if I am a chubster!  You can get the Bliss Jacket here.

I guess I really should buy some clothes from somewhere else other than Taking Shape so I can blog about them instead, but Taking Shape have some absolutely beautiful items in at the moment and they are just getting better and better (I’ve already seen a frock in the new collection…. I am terrible!).

Have you ever convinced yourself of something only to have the myth busted?  I’d love to hear about it.

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BIG Love S x

7 thoughts on “Myth Busting & Cruella Deville OOTD

  1. I like your outfit! It really does accentuate your waist and curves. Your post struck a chord with me, especially when you mentioned that you’re a mother of a 5-year-old who needs you around for as long as possible. I too am a mother and parenthood is a complete game-changer. The myth I used to believe is that I would always remain about the same size because it’s all about “calories in/out.” And then I was prescribed a low-dose antidepressant a few years back (to help with migraines) and I gained 60 lbs in a few months. Most people do not believe it though. So many think it’s impossible to gain weight solely from a medication.

    I like your outfit! It really does accentuate your waist and curves.

      1. You’re a sweetheart, thank you. I started following your blog a few weeks ago. I was happy to find another plus-size (& proud!) blogger around my age.

  2. Loving the outfit, Cruella! As someone who loves myself as I am, I do struggle with the feeling of wanting to improve my health. My asthma has got so bad lately and I know I need to exercise more but it’s so hard to do it when my breathing is so bad. I’m wheezing all the time! I don’t want to be smaller, but I do want to feel better in myself. I’m getting a juicer for my birthday so I look forward to the opportunity to get some more goodies into my body, and then I just need to slowly up the exercise. x x

    1. I struggle with the exercise thing, due to being nearly dead after about a minute! But it’s just the health thing as I really am happy in myself…. I’ll find that happy medium one day I’m sure… xxx

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