On the Cat Walk at Taking Shape's Spring Event

Apologies for being abit AWOL this weekend….. I was greedy with the red wine at a friend’s birthday bash Friday night; amazingly made Mini Me’s Ballet Class for 09:30am Saturday morning, definitely more by luck than judgement! Dashed off to Peterborough to help my good pals out at the Taking Shape Store with their Spring Event…. Modelling and discounts galore! Which meant Sunday most definitely had to be a day of rest…. I’m heading to 40 don’t you know…. Lol!

Anyhoo…. Today’s post is all about how much fun we had at the Taking Shape‘s Spring Event on Saturday!  Erika, the Store Manager, had called me the week previous to ask if I could help out as they were having a little fashion parade, involving a few of their regular customers, and would I mind joining in.  As if I would turn down such an opportunity, and any excuse to pay them a visit… I was in!

The lovely Erika & I

I managed to drag my buddy along, got her booked in for a styling session, and in excess of £200.00 later I think I have converted her to the Taking Shape side…. Heehee!

A shopping trip to Taking Shape is like no shopping experience I have ever, and I really do mean, ever had before!  I consider the Team at the Peterborough store to now be friends, and the other girls they got in to help model for the event were all so amazing…. We all got on like a house on fire and it was like a bunch of teenagers all playing dress up.  It was really good to meet one of their regular customers, Pat, who when she first went in would wear nothing but black, but with the support and encouragement of the girls she is now experiementing with colour, and she looked amazing!!!!!  You cannot go into this store and not feel good about yourself, have fun, and spend lots of money….. Hahaha!

Grown Women Playing Dress-Up…. HeeHee
Cruella Deville - Love this!
Cruella Deville – Love this!
So wish I had bought this!
Taking Shape's Models for the Day with Store Manager, Erika Gee
Taking Shape’s Models for the Day with Store Manager, Erika Gee

Mini Me even got involved, helping Nicola put all the clothes back on the racks, I think we may have recruited Taking Shape Peterborough’s youngest customer at 5 years old!  She was a little star, couldn’t have been much fun watching a bunch of grown women play dress up, so she got a well deserved Minion Balloon for being such a good girl and got to watch Barbie all day Sunday whilst mummy recovered!

Taking Shape’s Youngest Customer at 5 Years Old

Have you managed to find a Taking Shape store near you yet, and did you pop in this weekend and grab yourself 20% discount?

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BIG Love

S x

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