One of Many Reasons I LOVE the Plus Size Blogging Community…..

During one of my many perusals of the numerous social media platforms I am partial to, I came across a post on the Bonmarche Facebook Page (page link here), which caused a mighty amount of controvesy!  This post was centered around four different women, different shapes, different sizes, wearing two different David Emanuel dresses.

1235076_676855609022414_1765507260_nPhoto Courtesey of the Bonmarch Facebook Page – Don’t ALL these ladies look amazing?!

This photo features the following bloggers, so please do pay them a visit:

Pic 1 – A Dress is for Life
Pic2 – Pretty Big Butterflies
Pic 4 –  Lollylikes Fatshion

Unfortunately I do not know the lovely lady in pic 3, or her blog details (sorry).

To me this was an amazing post, as although plus size models are gorgeous, I could never take that away from them, unfortunately I can never get a true, or even remotely close to, idea of how I might look in the item in question.

I appreciate you could never show every shape or size, I am at least realsitic, but sometimes it would be nice to see a similar shaped person modelling an item to at least try and give some perspective as to how it is likely to look.

More and more brands are starting to cater for the plus size fashion market, some going up to a size 32, so let’s see a size 32 lady wearing it…. and if it starts at a size 14, let’s see it on a size 14!

In my continued quest to find the perfect frock for my 40th Night out, this issue plays on my mind more and more.  I am a full-time working mum of a 5 year old, so I don’t have loads of time to trawl the high street, so my shopping tends to take place online more than anywhere else (it is also easier to keep things hidden from the hubby this way)…. This can result in copious amounts of money (I don’t have) being spent ordering various different sizes (we all know how sizes can vary), time and money (again) spent returning items, having to wait for refunds, blah blah blah, the list is endless.  If we could see an item on a person of similar size, shape, stature, some of this could be reduced greatly!  This is why I am thankful and so unbelievably in awe of the plus size blogging community I have found…. Thank you ladies x.  I must also not forget to thank Bonmarche for putting these ladies out there, they all looked fabulous!

Unfortunately the lovely ladies featured on the Bonmarche post were subject to some considerable fat shaming, which is really not cool, but I guess there will always be haters, and we just need to rise above it.  What doesn’t kill us only makes us stronger and all that.  I haven’t posted the unnecessary comments made here, but I know that Hollie of Pretty Big Butterflies
did a post about it, so do check it out, and I am sure some of my other fellow bloggettes will have done the same.

Apologies for having had a little bit of a rant, I think I was overdue one…. Lol!

I would like to hear your views on this matter, maybe you saw the Bonmarche post, what did you think?

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BIG Love S x

12 thoughts on “One of Many Reasons I LOVE the Plus Size Blogging Community…..

  1. I haven’t seen the post, but I absolutely agree with you. Seeing clothes on people of body types really helps me decide if i want an outfit. I think catalogues and websites should show different shaped models wearing each outfit. That would make things awesome!

  2. Don’t really understand this whole fat shaming ‘trend’. I’m bored of it and maybe the people who are making those nasty comments should have the confidence to go out and flaunt what they have got! All of the ladies mentioned above are beautiful and anybody who tells them otherwise is just jealous!
    Sorry about that, just getting really annoyed with it all! xx

  3. I completely agree! I used to get so frustrated trying to shop for myself (like you, children and work are a priority, so time/funds are limited). But the plus-size blogging community has made an amazing difference in my life as well. I can usually tell what will work on my shape when I see it on a woman (vs a professional model), so shopping online is so much more enjoyable.

    I also agree with you about the women wearing the David Emanuel dresses – they all look fantastic!

  4. Yes I did see it and I gave the dissenters a little piece of my mind. 😀 We’ve got a long way to go until society realises that all bodies are good bodies and there are a million complex reasons for the way each body looks. The thing which I find most shocking is a lot of the crappy comments are coming from other fat women. Us plus bloggers tend to be quite confident, and because we see so many types of bodies represented in plus fashion we’re very accepting of all kinds of bodies. I think a lot of it comes down to their own internalised fat hatred, and because THEY wouldn’t dream of wearing something, they try to bring down or embarrass those who can. Really the best thing they could do is read the blogs of some of the people they’re sniping about, and then they might learn to love themselves, and consequently others. When you’re confident in yourself you only want to raise other people up, not bring them down. x x

  5. Thanks for this hun 🙂 I did do a little rant. I didn’t want to do it on the facebook page so was quite diplomatic on there but needed to vent, and that’s what a blog is about right? opinions and thoughts. It’s a shame about the negative comments. If it was a year ago I probably would have cried myself to sleep and vowed to lose weight the next day. But not it just makes me more set on being happy and confident. 🙂

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