So…. What’s Been Going On?

Well, I have to first say, it is mighty good to be back!  MAHOOSIVE thanks to those people who have carried on clicking on my little old blog, even though it has been inactive since May of 2017…  I checked out my vital statistics, and my Domain Authority is still sitting at a very healthy and respectable 30, so THANK YOU!

As to what has been happening over here at, what we now call, Not So Plus Size & VERY Proud, is all in the name really.  I posted way back when about how I had embarked on a Slimming World journey…. This has continued the whole time I have been absent, and if you still followed me on IG, you would have seen the transformation over 2017, where I have (as of last Thursday), lost a grand total of 7st 6.5lb (slightly more prior to Christmas… Lol!).

You will have also seen, I did embark on some fitness activities, by way of Zumba and Ballroom Dancing.  Alas, these past times have not continued as well as the healthy eating, but, watch this space, this could be about to change (but we shall see…. Haha!).

At the very end of 2016 / beginning of 2017, I did dabble in trying to become THE BEST EVER Younique Presenter.  This did not take off well.  Whether I didn’t have the passion for it, or whether the market is over saturated there (I’m not supposed to say that), I don’t know, but, at the end of April, following a sign up special, I did become a Stella & Dot Stylist!  This, with my obvious love of style, IS UNDOUBTEDLY a passion for me, and albeit only a hobby, I LOVE IT (as well as being rather partial to the products).  I will talk to you about this more in due course, for now, click on the link here, have a peruse at your leisure, and shout if I can be of any help at all.

In August we had our first EVER family holiday together… Child only turned 9 in November!  We went to Cape Verde and it was AMAZEBALLS to say the least.  I sat around the pool or on the beach, and for the first time in 20 years wore a bikini.  Now, I am also very much of the opinion, you can wear a bikini at any size, if you want to wear one, bloody well wear one, however, I have personally not felt comfortable enough in my own skin (even though I always told myself I did), to wear one – I don’t think!

I’ll just pop a couple of before and after pics here, for those who may not have seen them on any of my social media channels, and I hope this is the start of lots of new musings, and you stick around to follow my continuing journey.

Massive thanks again to each and every one of you…. MWAH!

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