Tartan & Denim!

It was decisions decisions on what to wear this fine sunny Saturday…. and I opted for a tartan and denim look!


Dress is my trusty frock purchased from Pink Clove (www.pinkclove.co.uk), and my tights from my new favorite hosiery supplier Pamela Mann (www.pamelamann.co.uk). Jacket is ancient but was Seven by Evans and the shoes have featured before as a bargain secondhand purchase originally Dotty P’s!

After I looked at the pics my friend took for me, to try and save you from the God awful selfies I’ve been inflicting on you, I looked and felt the size of a house! But, fair not, a trip to the salon has turned that frown upside down and I’m a happy Mrs PSP again!


What has made you happy today????

BIG Love

S x

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