Tesco Heart Polka Dress Review

Completely rubbish pic, and a severe bad hair day, but I had to share my love for the new addition to my wardrobe which managed to jump into my trolley yesterday during the weekly shop! 

This skater / tea dress style jersey dress, black with small white heart polka dots and keyhole detail to the front is so comfortable to wear, and I got away with the 22 due to the stretch in the material, and it is clear that if it were available in a larger size, that would actually be too big!!!  I teamed it up with a red cardigan (not pictured), which gave the look a little bit of vintage.

I’ve since tried to find this online, as I wanted to send the link to a friend, and share here, but it doesn’t appear to be there. Now, it could be it is so new that it hasn’t made it there yet, or it could be end of line, although I’m pretty sure it isn’t. So, if you like the look and don’t want to miss out waiting for it to appear online and then find it doesn’t, get yourself down to your local store, as at a bargain price of £12.00, I think this is an essential wardrobe item.

I also picked up the cutest little Cardigan, so look out for a review on that (so, so cute)!


BIG Love

S x


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