Fat, Nearly 40 & Feeling Fab!!!

Today I have continued my love affair with my mates Florence & Fred (oh, menage et tois…. Lol!)! I picked myself up, in the sale before the New Year, a wee little jumper dress for £10.00 and only got around to wearing it today. Again, due to the fabric and style I have got away with the 22, and I have to say I think I looked pretty damn good…. Hahaha! It hugged the right curves in the right places[Read more]

Tesco Heart Polka Dress Review

Completely rubbish pic, and a severe bad hair day, but I had to share my love for the new addition to my wardrobe which managed to jump into my trolley yesterday during the weekly shop!  This skater / tea dress style jersey dress, black with small white heart polka dots and keyhole detail to the front is so comfortable to wear, and I got away with the 22 due to the stretch in the material, and it is clear that[Read more]

I Am In Love!

With my new Faye Floral Doll Dress from www.Collectif.co.uk !!!!  Anyone who may have seen it before and thought it was a bit pricey at £115.00, it is currently on sale at £65.00, and I have to say, in my humble opinion, it is well worth it!!! I managed to pick mine up during their sale just after Chrimbo with their 50% offer code, and if I thought I could get away with wearing it every day I would, but[Read more]

It's the most wonderful time of the year…… THE SALES!

First and foremost, I hope everyone has had a super holiday and you all made Santa’a Nice List…. I did! Due to having been super quiet due to spending quality time with the family, I thought I’d bring you an Outfit of the Day in the way of my very first illusion dress!!! I’ve wanted one of these for sometime, but was waiting for the right one at the right price to come along, and my patience was well reward[Read more]

BIG Girls Just Wanna Have Fun…… And I Did!

Well what can I say, the 80’s night rocked and I have some of the best friends ever!  It has to have been at least 15 years if not longer since I have been out with all the ladies I had the pleasure to spend Saturday night with, and anyone would have thought it was only last weekend that we were in our late teens / early twenties and strutting our stuff on the dance floor at Ritzy, Peppermint park,[Read more]