Unveiling the April BirchBox

I thought I would do something a little bit different and bring a little bit of beauty into the blog for a change…. I was a very lucky girl at the end of last year when I received a belated birthday gift from my Brother-in-Law & Sister-in-Law, a 6 month subscription to BirchBox UK.  I have to say, that they clearly know me very well (well, I have been married to their brother for nearly 10 years now), and they[Read more]

Hannah is Shaving her Head for Charity ** Blogger Charity Challenge Post **

Today it is all about Hannah of Fabulously Fat Fashion.  Hannah is one of the many amazing ladies I have met (albeit in the cyber sense) since I have found this uber awesome community of Plus Size Bloggers!  I always knew from the off that she was pretty incredible, but she is now about to take herself beyond the realms of awesomeness and do something that deserves the utmost respect.  She wanted to do something for a local charity, one that[Read more]

New Year, New Hair!

Happy 2014 fellow Planetarians! I trust everyone saw the new year in safely, and here is hoping that 2014 brings you everything you ever dreamt of. Well, 2014 is the year I’m going to turn 40. Apparently life begins….. I’ll let you know!!! So with the imminent BIG 4 0 rapidly approaching, I decided I need to start doing  all those wild crazy things I’ve always wanted to do, like a pre-bucket list I guess.  As I’m so unbelievably Rock & Roll[Read more]

I'm a Pin Up Girl!

Well, I was for the duration of an afternoon and here is the proof! As these kind of experiences are far from cheap, I could only justify the two pics (I couldn’t really even justify them, but I got them anyway!), and I hope I picked the right two!!! My friend and I had a lovely day, we had our hair done, our make-up done, and then the photo shoot.  This was all for my friend’s 40th birthday, but I[Read more]

Christmas Party Time!

It was my work’s Chrimbo Party last night, lots of merriment and dancing had by all! Pleasant company, pleasant surroundings and the Hubster was even in good spirits and lasted all night with little grumbling…. so all in all a very successful evening! Here is the outfit I went with…. I’m sorry I couldn’t carry it off like this gorgeous lady http://fullerfigurefullerbust.com/2013/12/04/night-of-the-proms/#comments, but I still felt a million dollars in my party frock (you can’t beat getting dressed up if[Read more]