Taking Shape Pt 2 – This Post Comes with a Warning…..

……. A gush warning, as I think I may just be in love with Taking Shape!

So, firstly, for those that did not read my previous post here, having discovered Taking Shape, a plus size clothing retailer from Australia who are, without a doubt, going to take the UK by storm, or I’ll eat my hat, via Betty Pamper and Mayah‘s recent blog posts, I managed to bag myself a free personal shopping experience in their Peterborough Store.  This experience is available to anyone, so get yourself over to their website and find a store near you!  However, here is the second warning, you will want to buy everything you try on pretty much!

My experience started around 12:30pm and I was in store for approximately 2.5 hours…. and I could have quite easily camped out for the duration of the day!


I was greeted by the AMAZING Nicola, who I think could just be my new BFF…. Lol!  Now what you need to really know about this woman is that she has no experience in retail or as a stylist previous to Taking Shape, she used to be a driving instructor!  But, it was Nicola that put the outfits you are about to see together!  Now, personally I think she was really a famous stylist for Chanel, or Burberry or some equally high-end fashion house, and because they are concerned she will give away their best kept secrets she tells us this so that they cannot find her….. So we let her think we believe her for now…..



I think this is my favourite combo, which again was another surprise for me……


I was made completely welcome by Nicola, Ellie and Hayley during my time with them, I almost forgot I was a customer and not part of the gang…. They were truly amazing, and they treated every single customer that came in that day the exact same way.  Having read Betty’s blog from her time in the Liverpool store, and the contact I had with the team via the Facebook Page, I get the distinct impression that ever member of the Taking Shape team here in the UK are exactly the same, and for me this is what will really make them serious competition for the usual suspects within the industry.

Look how comfortable they make you!   IMG_20140215_123750

Me and the Guys!

IMG_20140215_141315_edit IMG_20140215_141412_edit

I have become a bit of an online shopper of late, but my time at Taking Shape yesterday has definitely changed my attitude to shopping….  And I think with TS you have to go in store to try things on as you will be really surprised…. I didn’t buy this dress in the end, although it was a strong contender, but I only had limited funds with me and I had to be strict with myself (for those that know me well will know how hard this was for me!).  When Nicola brought it to me, on the hanger it didn’t win me over, but once on it was really flattering!!!!!

Roundabout Tunic – £19.00 (Was £75.00)
Stock Photo Courtesy of Taking Shape


If I had to pick on something, it would be that they don’t cater for the more petite amongst us…… Yet!  I was told that there are talks being had about a petite range along with lingerie & hosiery!!!!  But in the meantime, they do have a number of fabulous accessories and Joolz to die for…. Here is a taster….


The style at Taking Shape is something you will not see in any other plus size retailer, the designs are exclusive to TS, and with the company being from Australia the designs are not what you would normally see in the UK, but this makes them that little bit more special and utterly gorgeous.  Bright colours and designs to flatter every shape and size, as we all differ don’t we?

These guys really take a pride in their customers, and I know that even though the Peterborough store has only been open since November, they have already built up a great deal of repeat customers, and they have managed to changed their perspective on what they can wear and built their confidence, and that for me is what is it all about!  The other thing about the guys at TS is they will be completely honest with you, and if something doesn’t suit you they won’t tell you it does just to get the sale.  The superb thing is, that for every item that doesn’t suit you there will be another item that does!

I went in concerned I wouldn’t find anything to suit me, but there is always something to suit everyone at Taking Shape, and it may not always be what you went in for in the first place, so be prepared to try out different things and step outside your comfort zone.  I did, I nearly went for my old faithful red & black combo (I’m still tempted mind) but I stepped away from it and went with the more colourful summer look….. Go me eh?! Lol! I also had to size down on a few things, there were items too big…. WOW! Now that has to be a confidence booster for anyone shopping in a plus size store.

Here is my small wish list…. Items I just had to leave behind as I just couldn’t stretch the wonga any further (I knew I wasn’t going to have enough!):

Taking Shape Pt 21
Starburst Gilet – £45.00 (Was £90.00)
Annette Top – £25.00
Editorial Trouser – £39.00
Stock Photos Courtesy of Taking Shape

I hope you can find a Taking Shape near you, here is a list which can also be found on the website, as I can truly say you will not be disappointed!  Be sure to let me know how you got on.  But don’t forget it not, you can purchase on line here.

North East – Newcastle
North West – Southport & Liverpool
Wales – Cardiff
West Midlands – Solihull, Worcester & Leamington Spa
East Midlands – Leicester, Nottingham & Derby
East Anglia – Peterborough
South West – Taunton, Bristol & Exeter
Greater London – Kingston
South East – Horsham & Newbury

If you happen to read this before the end of today (offer expires 16th February 2014), you can also snap yourself up a 29% discount (prices online are already reflected) as it is the company’s 29th Birthday!


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BIG Love, especially to the girls at Taking Shape, Peterborough!

S x

5 thoughts on “Taking Shape Pt 2 – This Post Comes with a Warning…..

  1. I love Taking Shape and think they’re the most exciting thing to happen to plus size fashion in the UK for years. I love the photos of you where you’re smiling, it lights up your whole face! x

    1. Bless you Leah xxx I couldn’t help but smile from the minute I arrived to when I left, the girls were amazing the clothes were stunning… Definitely watch this space I think with Taking Shape! xxx

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