Wig It Wednesday!

Happy Hump Day Peeps!

So today was a spent too long in bed, got up, looked in mirror, thought “FUCK!”, looked at the time, no time to wash and style hair, thinks what do I do, I know let’s Wig It, kinda day!

So this is me today at work wearing Damsel from Geisha Wigs!  This is the 5th addition to my small and modest collection, but is by far my favourite!  She is a perfect length for me, being a short-arse, if I want a bit of length for a change.  I had to trim the fringe, and this is my first wig trimming, and although I wouldn’t want anyone to look too closely, I don’t think I did three bad for a first attempt!


The gorgeous flower crown is from the talented Off With Her Head Millinery.

My very good friend Hannah from Fabulously Fat Fashion introduced me to the amazing World of wigs, and I’ve never looked back.  She has often talked about how much confidence they can give you, and I would never have believed it until I experienced it for myself, today having started off as a bad hair day of the ultimate extreme, I felt amazing!

As I have mentioned before on some of my social media platforms, I am planning on shaving my hair off next year for charity as part of my reign as Model XL Cambridgeshire (check out my post about Model XL here, and keep an eye out for more news very soon), so I think I need to spend the next 6 months increasing my collection so come June/July I will have plenty of choice if I don’t fancy looking like Matt Lucas better looking (goes without saying) sister!  But imagine all that extra bed time I will have in the  morning having no hair!!!!!!!

If you like the look of Damsel, unfortunately she is currently out of stock, but is available to pre-order and could be with you as soon as 14 days from order! However, I can tell you that once you start perusing the website you will never in a month of Sunday’s be able to decide on just one, so let your collection, if it hasn’t already, commence!

Here are my faves currently on the website I think I may have to invest in next (stock photos taken from Geisha Wigs Website – More photos can be found there) …..



I might make every Wednesday Wig Wednesday, but it would all be over in 5 weeks….. Haha!

Do you own a wig, and is it from Geisha Wigs?

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BIG Love

S x


4 thoughts on “Wig It Wednesday!

  1. You look fab in that and it takes years off you. I do have a wig from GW, the long red curly one I wore out on my birthday. I think I need to dig it out again, maybe for my Mrs Santa shoot! xx

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