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Earlier this week I was very lucky to be invited to the Curvissa #CurvissaPlusport event they are holding on Saturday 15th March, having teamed up with @CURVE_PROJECT.  Unfortunately, due to Hubby’s work commitments, and Mini Me’s Social commitments, I will be on Mummy Duty, so unable to attend this time, but hope very much to be included in any future events!!! So, in the meantime, I thought I would put together a little Curvissa Wish List based around their new arrivals for Spring/Summer 2014!

Animal Print Trousers – £49.00

You cannot beat any item of clothing in animal print, in my opinion!  Animal print is a print that never goes out of fashion!  These also come in a short leg, which is fab for a short fat bird like me, although undoubtedly would still need some shortening, just not as much as normal!  Trousers available here.  There are also some fab black & gold print trousers available here I absolutely adore also!

Straight Leg Printed Trousers – £49.00

Another fab pair of printed trousers!  Prints seem to really be in this Season, and I have to say I’m loving it!  Again, these are available in short leg at 29″, like the animal print above.  Trousers available here.

Denim Pinafore – £49.00

I’m a sucker for a dress, but this is a bit more casual than my usual choice, but I absolutely love it!  Could be dressed up or dressed down, and has a little bit of vintage about it, which is probably why I like it.  Dress available here.

Satin Printed Top – £35.00

Again we are looking at prints; as I said there seem to be a lot around at the moment; but here we are looking at what I think is split between oriental and tropical, again something else that I keep seeing popping up in stores this Season.  Top available here.

Sheer Floral Print Tunic Blouse – £35.00

Sticking with tops, and with my love of all things vintage, this could not be excluded from my wish list!  How gorgeous is this???  Blouse available here .

Amazing, having been referred to by a very good friend of mine as “Queen of Dresses”, not many listed here, but I could have gone on and on as there are some beauts available over on the website…. So why not take a look…. You won’t regret it!

All photos courtesy of the Curvissa website.

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BIG Love S x

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