Curvy Convention 2016 – What, Where, Who!

So, Saturday I put my glad rags on and headed to the Big Smoke, aka London Town, to meet up with some fabulous ladies and peruse what CurvyCon 2016 had on offer…. For those not aware of what Curvy Convention is, it was advertised as an event celebrating the fuller figure with everything plus size in one convenient location.

I first met the stunning babely babe that is Vicky at the train station.  We have been chatting on good old Social Media now for a good 12 months + but this was our first actual meeting in real life, and I was most definitely not disappointed!

We arrived at CurvyCon, which was held in a large room within a Church in Hackney, but spent the first hour catching up with Perelandra and Nicky Rockets….. This is what CurvyCon is all about for me, the socialising.  Slowly my gang started to arrive and the day took shape…. I looked at very little, if I am honest, other than Nicky Rockets, Voodoo Vixen, A Rose Like This Designs, and Apples and Pears Clothing.

In my opinion, I don’t think the venue or what was on offer was as good as last year, but then I don’t think I can pass much judgement as it all faded into the background once I was with my friends…. I probably could’ve saved myself the £5 ticket and just arranged a meet up and a wander round the shops!

Here are some pics I did manage to get, or someone got and I have since pinched!


What I wore…..

Dress – Hell Bunny from Simply Be UK (on sale)
Bag – SkinnyDip London
Jacket – Old New Look
Hair Flower – OWHH Millinery (Etsy)


Who I saw…. (not sure who’s pic this actually was in the end…. Stolen from Whatsapp chat thread!)

Left to Right : Me, Tanya, Becky, Caroline, Katt, Emily
Front Row : Nikee


Emily looking AMAZING on the Cat Walk


Best stand of the whole show!

Would I go to CurvyCon again…. Not sure.  I like the location, as London from the Cambs Fens is only a couple of hours on the train, and I love the social aspect, but I can do that anytime, so I will keep an open mind if it is on again next year.

Did you go to CurvyCon, what did you think, and why didn’t you come say Hi???

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BIG Love

S x

6 thoughts on “Curvy Convention 2016 – What, Where, Who!

    1. We didn’t spend enough time together, you should’ve hung out with us a bit more lovely…. Next time!!! x

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