Do you ever find yourself in a "Tight Spot"?

One of the major plights of not only being a fat bird, but being a short fat bird, is tights!!!!!  If they fit me in the body they are generally too bloody long in the leg and I end up resembling Nora Batty, and if they fit in the leg they usually don’t even manage to cover my Foof! Having found this amazing community of plus size bloggers and reading their ramblings about life, I have found several reviews relating to The Big Tights Company, one of which was by the lovely Leah, check out her review here.  Having had a little chat with Leah, she suggested I make contact with The Big Tights Company, they may be able to advise me on what size/style of tights would be best suited to my shape, size and the fact I am vertically challenged.  Laura at The Big Tights Company is so very helpful, and although it is obvious I am a bit of a challenge, she did have some ideas, and here are the three pairs of tights she came up with and how I got on with them.

First up is  Venice Lady 20 Denier Size UK24/26:


In general, an extremely good quality pair of tights, definitely not your average on the high street quality which ladder just by looking at them.  Fab in the leg, as they were going on I had high hopes…. but….. still coming up short in the body, albeit not as much as some I have experienced!  This, I am sure, was not actually the products fault, I clearly have too much junk in my trunk!!!!  But, all was not lost, redeemed with the ever faithful second pair of pants over the top!  These come in a pack of 3, and based on the cost I have been paying on the high street, in some cases £10.00 per multi pack, I have no issue paying £13.95 for guaranteed quality.

Next up is All Woman 60 Denier Opaques Size UK22-32:


What can I say…. I bloody love these tights!  They come up high in the body, which I love, and even though they fit in the body they don’t end up long in the leg making me look like Nora!!!!  These come in two colour ways, Black & Make Up (nude), which for me are the main colours I wear in tights, so just perfect!  Not unreasonable at the cost of £12.95 ea or £34.95 for 3, when I consider how much I spend in tights due to poor quality, as these will wash and wear over and over and over!  No second pair of pants required!

And last, but by no means least, Calabria Lady Microfiber 50 Denier


Although these did not come up as far in the body as the All Woman, these are very much a close second!  To be honest, some could say that these fit better, as they are perfect in the body, not too high and not too low (I just prefer to all most be able to tuck my boobies in), and fab in the leg as well…. I couldn’t quite let go of the second pair of pants over the top just yet, think they are like my security blanket having had so many bad experiences with tights….. some quite embarrassing (I’ll save those stories for another day), but now I have found this fab company I am sure I will get there eventually.  Again, at £17.95 for a 3 pack, when I have been paying as much as £5-8.00 a pair, this is not unreasonable.

If you check out the website here, you will find out how The Big Tights Company came about, and how they went to Italy to make the perfect pair of plus size tights! This would explain why the quality is far superior to others on the high street, and why prices may be a little more expensive, but I definitely feel they are worth it!

Also check out Betty Pamper and Lucia and their reviews  on The Big Tights Company.

Next time, I may be brave enough to put some pics of me in the tights, but I just don’t think you are quite ready for that…. Lol!

Do you have a similar plight with your hosiery, or any other form of undergarment, and have you found a solution???

As well as The Big Tights Company, check out their other website The Big Bloomers Company!  I have found over here that they do coloured tights….. OMG!!!!  Next on my wish list me thinks, but not sure they are in my size, on a very rare occasion, they might just be too big *runs off to write this momentous day in diary* !!

** These tights were sent to me as samples from The Big Tights Company, note which tights are available as a sample on the website **

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BIG Love

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6 thoughts on “Do you ever find yourself in a "Tight Spot"?

  1. I needed this post in my life right at this very minute when I just put my finger through yet another pair of tights, trying to yank them on. Good shout!

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