Don't You Forget About Me….

I should have done this on Wednesday for “Wish List Wednesday”, but Wednesday was #OMCZ day, plus I had nothing in mind to wish list about, that is until today!

For some reason I always forget H&M when it comes to Plus Size clothing (sorry H&M), I have no idea why, there is no specific reason why, I just do, but seeing a reference to them today made me mozy on over for a little gander to see what they had online for us Buxom Broads at the moment.  I have to say I was very very impressed, so thought I would bring you some of my faves (there were lots more, but I had to stop somewhere)! ** All photos courtesy of the H&M website **

imageH&M+ Pleated Skirt – Yellow- £19.99

I adore the colour of this skirt, so unbelievably summery, has to be a must for anyone’s summer wardrobe! This would be a fab length for me as well, just about knee length, maybe just under!

imageH&M+ Sleevless Blouse – Heart Print – £19.99

Looked really good with the skirt above, so had to be added to the wish list!

imageH&M+ Skinny Ankle Jeans – £24.99

I’m always on the look out for ankle grazer jeans, as only being 4ft10ins they do generally end up being a really good regular length for me!  Seems they are only ever available during the Summer months which is a really poo for us shortarses!

imageH&M+ T-Shirt with Print – £12.99

I thought this was a fab print, and would also look pretty awesome with some skinny’s or the yellow skirt!

imageH&M+ Jersey Dress – £12.99

Again a real Summer look so had to be included!

imageH&M+ Maxi Dress – £14.99

And last but by no means least, the maxi!  Maxi’s are not something I generally wear, again, being a shortarse…. But I absolutely loved the black one I wore out at the weekend, and it seems yes, we may need to shorten them a bit, but us vertically challenged can rock the maxi look!  Dress it up, dress it down, add a cropped denim jacket (I already have one at the ready), you cannot beat the maxi dress for the Summer!

Do you shop at H&M regularly, or like me do you forget them (sorry again H&M)?  I think we need to definitely remember them next time we are on a shopping expedition!

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BIG Love

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7 thoughts on “Don't You Forget About Me….

    1. I am so in love with the maxi at the moment, seems us short fat birds can carry off a maxi too…. I think I may have to have this grey one too, I bet you look fab!!! xxx

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