Glad I Stuck With It!

I bought a skirt from a lovely lady I’ve found via good old FB. It was originally handmade over in the US, and the lady I bought it from never got a chance to wear it as it ended up being too big.

When I received it I thought “WOW”, but it just seemed a bit on the snug side. I was concerned it would end up being an impulse buy which I wouldn’t feel happy wearing and it would end up at the back of the wardrobe. So, I posted it on a number of selling sites to try and at least find someone who would give it the justice it deserved, and I attempt to get some of my money back.

Unfortunately, or so I thought, I had no takers…. such a shame for such a fab item of clothing…. But, I thought, let’s give it another go, with the right top etc. and see what happens.

And here it is…. Ta da! The Skirt has almost moulded itself to me as the day has gone on, and I know it will become one of my fave items to wear this Winter.


So, today’s motto is, don’t give up, do not become defeated as you never know how things may turn out!

BIG Love

S xxx

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