Lip Service!!

The long awaited review of my uberlicious Cardigan from, yes I know, Tesco F&F!!!!

As always it is my favourite round neck style which I love as it gives that vintage feel about it, twin set and pearls and all that. I like to wear them with the top botton done up only, as I think it gives a slimming optical illusion (could just be wishful thinking).

I teamed this up with a fairly simply black skater dress from ASOS from last year which has mesh detail to the top (obviously this is under the cardi) and my signature neck scarf, which hasn’t had an outing this week so far!

This is new in store, so should be easily picked up if you like it, and as always a reasonable price at £14.


Although I have been cringe worthily in love with Tesco/F&F this week, they have managed to let me down severely on one thing this week….. Value tights! My advice would be don’t bother!!! Thought I’d be clever and go cheap (more pennies to spend elsewhere), checked the sizing guide out on the back of the packet and all should have been fine, but alas unless you are even more of a midget than me in the body, you would be lucky to cover your foof with these things. So off I go to purchase my usual Pretty Polly’s, therefore costing me even more, and thus an extreme case of false economy!!!

So for all their good points they still do have the occasional blip…. Don’t we all!!!

Big Love!

S x

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