New Season at Taking Shape!

A few weeks back there was a bit of a fall out with the Plus Size Community and Taking Shape, following a PR stunt they carried out at London Fashion Week (LFW).  I am not going to dwell too much on this, you can read a bit about it here and here, but this in turn affected a small event I had been planning at my local store in Peterborough.

After a while I was asked if I would go in and have a look at their new stock, as I had not managed to see if following having to cancel the event we had planned, and as I have always had a good relationship with the store and their team, I agreed to go along!  I was not given any incentive for this visit by way of gifted items etc, I agreed to this in order to give the store my continued support, and I finally got around to paying them a visit yesterday.

When I arrived at the store, and took an initial peruse of the new stock, all I could see were lots of citrus and bright colours greeting me, it was lovely!



I let the lovely Sam just grab lots of items for me, and went to play dress up…. some items just didn’t work, for whatever reason, height, shape etc. but here are my faves from my visit:



Moroccan Tile Tunic

Bordering on a dress on me (#shortpersonproblems), but worked!  Can’t remember the size, but possibly a L(Large)


Tease Top
Tabar Crop Trouser

The top I am wearing is definitely a Medium (M), but again, I am unsure on the trousers (my memory is atrocious these days), but the Citrus Punch (see below) are definitely a 20 and I am sure the trousers were all the same size! Not really crop on me…. haha!  but, again it all works, I love them like this, reminds me of harem pants, like with my Stevie Pant  bought a while back


Tease Top as above
Palm Beach Trousers

I loved these trousers the minute I saw them on the beautiful Emily when I arrived in store, and had to try them.  There is also a dress available in this amazing print!


Cut It Out Dress

I was really shocked at how much I liked this dress!  If I could have justified the £65.00 I would have snapped it up…. I will be watching out to see if this makes a sale in the future!  It is obviously, again, longer on me than the model, but it doesn’t matter, and even being quite boxy, it looked really really good!  The girls even said out of everyone they had seen try it on instore, I was the first person it actually looked good on…. haha (Model here obviously excluded! )  I did think it was initially a printed patten, and when I stuck my finger through one of the holes I thought I had broken it!  If you do like this, it is a good idea to go in store and try it on first, as this is an 18, some 3 sizes smaller than I would normally wear.


Citrus Punch Dress

Again another firm fave, but couldn’t justify the price today…. I like this cut of dress, one that appears amongst many of the Taking Shape dresses,  and always very flattering! I think this was a 20????

It would have been rude of me not to take them up on their weekend offer of 20% off, and came away with this combo.


Tease Top as above
Citrus Punch Trousers

I decided I would get lots of wear out of this outfit, and it was so comfy!  As previously mentioned, the trousers are a 20 and the top is a medium.  You can dress this up or dress it down depending on the occasion.  I know this will get a debut at work this coming week, probably even tomorrow!

You too can grab 20% off full priced items today or 25% extra off sale items (valid until the end of 15th March 2015).  But if you miss out, don’t panic, between 19th and 22nd March 2015 you can get 20% off full priced items again with the Taking Shape Friends & Family voucher code TAKFF20 at the checkout online!

Finally….. Having fun with my selfie stick with Emily & Sam!


Have you checked out the new in range at Taking Shape yet?

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4 thoughts on “New Season at Taking Shape!

  1. I really wasn’t impressed with their LFW stunt but that makes me want to support the shop staff more as i know they’re not in control of the PR. I haven’y got a shop close to me and i’m not a fan of a lot of what i’ve seen online but seeing real people in the stuff makes me want to try thing. I’m loving the trousers they are very me x

    1. I definitely didn’t think much to their stunt, but like you said, it’s not the stores and staff that are at fault.

      I also think they could market their clothing a lot better, the two girls here are both get very young, yet look amazing in their clothes, and their friends often ask where they have got things, so it goes to show that the hanger can lie! I’ve looked at things and thought that won’t work and then I’m like wow!

      Give them a go if you get the chance, you might be surprised,

      S x

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