Pink Clove #FreebieFriday Prize Dress Review

You may or my not be aware that I was the lucky winner of Pink Clove’s, via their Facebook Page, #FreebieFriday competition last week.  How bloomin’ excited was I….!!!!

Here is the winning dress in question, and I went for a size 24 in the green, as I don’t seem to have very much green in my wardrobe, and I decided it was about time I did, and a very bright, vibrant green it is too! This dress also had the winning factor for me of being animal print…..! I love animal print, and I’ve heard it said many times it never goes out of fashion, and I have to agree.  Unfortunately, Mr Plus Size & Proud does not share my passion for everything animal print, in fact, I believe his usually comment has the name “Pat Butcher” in it somewhere!!!

Photo Courtesy of Pink Clove UK (Facebook Page)

For once I could get this delivered to my home address and not the office, as it was free and I did not have to hide my purchase from Mr PS&P (Lol!), and knowing he has recently found my blog, I can see I am going to have to be just that little bit more careful what I blog about…. Hahahaha!  Luckily he was at home when the delivery man came and he accepted the delivery in my absence, and it was waiting for me on the sofa when I came in from the day job.

As usual everything else had to wait…. the animals…. the 5 year old…. everything, and I headed to the bathroom for what could not wait, the obligatory bladder release having driven an hour from the office, and to open my package to check it out!  Initially I was thinking it didn’t look like a size 24 and my heart started to sink, but this need not be the case, as once on it was an absolute perfect fit, it did not need to be any bigger or smaller it was spot on!

If I really had to pick on something, it would be the length.  This was advertised on FB For the purpose of the competition as a dress, and I have since double checked this.  As I have pointed out to you before, I am only 4ft 10ins, and I just don’t think this is very long to be classed as a dress, more of a tunic top….. That is, unless you are in the market for a mini dress!  Having now checked the website, I can confirm that it is being advertised here as a tunic, and is under the section for tops  Definitely more fitting for the item in question.  As it is unlikely I am going to wear this with anything else but my trusty leggings, this is by no means a disappointment to me, and I can only see positives for this amazing wardrobe addition that, for the purpose of Mr PS&P, cost me zilch, nada, not a penny!  It is just a good job I was not hoping to wear it as a dress…….

IMG_1392292250677 IMG_1392292114518

I’ve completed the look with a wrap purchased from Tesco some 2-3 yrs ago, and some red accents!  I know that “Red & Green should never be seen….”, or is that Blue & Green?  Whatever, I think green, and this green in particular, looks fab with a nice ruby red.  There I go, breaking the rules again!  If you like what you see, you can still get this from the Pink Clove website for £18.00 HERE.

Be sure to check out Pink Clove’s Facebook Page as they are regularly posting give away’s and next time it could be you!

Have you ever been the lucky winner of a fashion related competition, and were you as equally impressed with the item when you received it as I am?

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BIG Love

S x

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