Plus Size & Proud 1st Edition!

So here it is, the 1st Edition of the Plus Size & Proud Blog.  I am most definitely a BBW and I want to start to embrace this, and I want to share my journey with whoever will listen to my babblings!

I hope one day to be smaller than I am, but heading very close to my 40th year (only 9 months to go), I am realistic in that I will never be a skinny minnie, and let’s be honest, do I really want to be a skinny minnie????

I used to have a long list of reasons why it was good to have a little more meat on my bones…. I’d outlive most in a famine, it keeps the wrinkles at bay with your very own natural botox to name a couple, but, I had to ask myself at times, who was I trying to convince?

The media really isn’t kind to us “Fat Birds”, however, I read via one of my inspirations, Tess Munster (check out her blog here ), that yesterday, for the first time, Plus-Size Models were in New York Fashion Week! Could this be the beginning of a new era?  First NYFW, then the World!  FATfashion World Domination…. Let’s make it happen! 

So, this is where it will all begin, and I can’t be sure where the journey will take us, what I will have to talk about, whether it will be worth reading etc etc.  but we shall see.

What I will also try and do is post a Outfit of the Day along with how I have created the look, but do feel free to ask questions.

I do hope you like what you read, and if you do, please let me know, comment and share with your friends.

Big Love

S x


The 50’s Rockabilly Look:

Scarf – Ebay

Dress – (purchased via eBay)

Belt – (purchased via eBay)

Shoes – Second Hand, but originally

4 thoughts on “Plus Size & Proud 1st Edition!

  1. Hi Sarah, Look forward to reading your “babblings” and especially your outfit of the day (you look FAB-U-LOUS in the photos you have posted on Facebook). I can’t believe we are approaching our 40th year … how did that happen??? I have seen you many sizes over the 30+ years I have known you and to be honest I have always thought you at your best in both looks and personality with a little meat on your bones. I also will never be a skinny minnie and for health reasons it could be a good idea to lose a few lbs amd am back on Slimming World hoping to lose the 2 stone I have put on after losing it 2 years ago. Even if I do lose it there is no guarantee I won’t put it back on again!! Anyway I hope you get to a weight/size with which you are happy.

    Look forward to reading the next edition of Plus Size & Proud!!

    Lots of Love

    Lisa xxx

  2. Heyyyy Sarah
    First of all Id love to say i cant wait to read your babblings! ha
    ;iI also wish i was smaller, like everyone. But I am at a point in my life where i am trying to embrace who i am, and im glad to read you are too! Also cant wait to see your outfits of the day and so happy to hear that plus size models made it too New York Fashion week! Its exciting

    Anyways… good luck with the blogging
    Love and Hugs

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