Princess Sarah Break's the Rules!

So today’s #OOTD review features David Emanuel for Bonmarche!  I found this little beaut whilst trawling the online stores for inspiration for an outfit for my up and coming birthday celebrations in May (I know I have plenty of time, but what’s wrong with a bit of window shopping????).  I can’t even remember how I came to drop in on Bonmarche, but it has since occurred to me that I can’t say I have seen any reviews for Bonmarche amongst the blogs I currently follow (apologies if there have been some and I have missed them), and I am wondering if it is because they cater for the more mature amongst us and I’m trying to hang on to my youth and am only following a younger blogger scene????  Let’s face it, heading rapidly to my big 4 0 (have I told you that before….Lol!  It doesn’t bother me…. honest!) I am definitely a more mature blogger, and therefore, I felt I would give Mr Emanuel and Bonmarche my thoughts on my first purchase.  I may be no Princess Di but he still made me look pretty good I think!

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This isn’t my first ever purchase from Bonmarche, however, it is the first for sometime and my first DE label, and I have to say I am very impressed!!!!  Firstly, the fact I snapped this dress up at the bargain price of £8.00 is just the start of it!  I am not entirely sure how I got this dress at this rock bottom price, as it was listed on the website at both it’s full price of £28.00 along with a few sizes at the sale price of £8.00.  It is now not available online at £8.00, but can still be purchased at the full price of £28.00, which in my opinion is still a very worthy price.  To add to my super-duper deal, at the time I ordered this there was an offer code for free delivery, so this order was tasting sweeter by the minute!  A 24 was listed within the sizes available for £8.00, so I went with this as the other sizes were clearly going to be too small.  Having now arrived I would have to say it would have always been the right size for my rather round middle, albeit maybe a little big around the bust area, but not enough to be an issue.  The material is a lovely no iron kind of stretch jersey, which has to be a winner for anyone who doesn’t like ironing much, as well as feeling very nice and comfortable to wear.  The polka dots are more of a creamy beige/off-white colour, so I teamed this up with a light beige scarf and nude patent mary-janes.  I did break a massive rule by wearing my light colour shoes with black tights, but do you know what…. I don’t care, it’s the rebel in me I guess!  This may be the first David Emanuel addition to my wardrobe, but I am fairly confident that it will not be the last!

I guess the only downside to this outfit, if I really had to find one, is I could be running the risk of a polka dot fetish forming, but I guess I could have a worse vice, and it isn’t really a downside of the outfit is it, it’s just a me thing!

I can’t finish without giving a big shout-out to the jewellery I decided to wear to compliment my outfit today.  The bracelet and hair clips are hand made by Katie Jayne Floate of Floating Vintage Designs who can be found both on Facebook and Etsy, and here is a link to her Facebook page to start you off .  Be sure to tell her who sent you!  She makes some lovely pieces, and wearing these beauties today has made me realise I really should pay her a visit very soon, it has been too long!!!!

And it is here that I bid you farewell until the next time my lovelies!

BIG Love

S x

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