Taking Shape Pt 1 – 4 More Sleeps……

…. Until my Personal Shopping Session at Taking Shape.

You may not have come across them before, and if I’m honest before yesterday neither had I.  They started in Australia and are now branching out in the UK.  I believe they have been in the UK for while now, but I found them via some awesome fellow bloggers, Betty Pamper and Mayah and their recent blogs giving the low down.

Once I was aware of this new-found plus size retailer, and we all know there can never be too many, I headed immediately over to both their website and their Facebook page and discovered that one of their 16 stores was within easy reach of my home…… OMG, a plus size shopaholic’s dream come true!

Having dropped them a friendly virtual wave via Facebook, a member of what is already starting to prove an amazing team, Jules, came straight back at me to ask if it was okay for their Peterborough Branch Manager to get in touch as they would like to invite me in to store for a Personal Shopping Session!  Well, as you can imagine I um’d and ar’d a bit (Ha, as if!), and my response was “HELL YEAH!”  And here is a sneak peek at some of the fave bits I found whilst browsing the website, so you can understand my reaction, and you aint seen nothin’ yet!!!!!

Society Jean – £25.00
(Stock Photo Courtesy of Taking Shape)
Annette Top - £25.00
Annette Top – £25.00
(Stock Photo Courtesy of Taking Shape)
Beat Button Trouser - £19.00-£39.00
Beat Button Trouser – £19.00-£39.00
(Stock Photo Courtesy of Taking Shape)
Cisco Tunic - £25.00
Cisco Tunic – £25.00
(Stock Photo Courtesy of Taking Shape)
Elm Dress - £55.00
Elm Dress – £55.00
(Stock Photo Courtesy of Taking Shape)
Sugar Plum Velvet - £49.00
Sugar Plum Velvet – £49.00
(Stock Photo Courtesy of Taking Shape)
Highland Rose Top - £19.00
Highland Rose Top – £19.00
(Stock Photo Courtesy of Taking Shape)

Within a couple of hours, Erica from Peterborough had made contact and we were planning a date for this coming Saturday!  A very satisfactory substitute for not being able to attend British Plus Size Fashion Weekend (BPSFW) me thinks!

Now, having viewed the loveliness online, you just know it is going to be even more glorious in the flesh, we are heading to mid month and, I mean, who has any spare cash by this time in the month…. Ha, it was necessary to send a text to my Daddy (I may be nearly 40 but I still know who to call in a retail crisis….) and I’ve now called in early birthday and Christmas money (yes, I know it’s only February, but a girl has to do what a girl has to do)!

So, I will now be heading to Taking Shape (Peterborough) on Saturday afternoon with a respectable amount of cash (I’ve also had an additional donation from by BFF…. God I love that woman!) burning a massive hot hole in my pocket and I know I’m still not going to have enough wonga to fuel my ever forming shopping addiction, but I know I will still come away a very happy girl!

So all you lovely lot have got to do now is wait for the next instalment giving you the low down on my experience and subsequent review(s) of the lovely purchase(s) I make…..

But for now Au Revoir and make sure to pay Taking Shape a visit both on their website and on Facebook.  If you subscribe to their newsletter you immediately get 15% off your next online order and they are also running a fab comp….. You have to be in it to win it!

BIG Love

S x

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One thought on “Taking Shape Pt 1 – 4 More Sleeps……

  1. Wow now that’s what I call promotion and customer service! and lol I’m 31 but still with my mum and I can see us as crones poking each other with a stick to get the other’s attention, so I understand where you’re coming from calling your dad!

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