Topsy Curvy Saturday!

Today started off as the usual lazy Saturday, lie in, lounging around, being Horrid Henry’d out by the child, but then we decided we would just pop and see my dad! So I put a full face of slap on, and thought I would finally wear my Topsy Curvy Comic Print Swing Dress….. Available here!


I had heard of Topsy Curvy a while back, and had followed them very closely, but for some reason it has taken me until very recently, and this dress, for me to finally actually buy something from them….. I don’t think I will be leaving it so long before I buy from them again though!

Well, it turned out my dad wasn’t home, and wouldn’t be for some hours, so rather than waste how fab I was now looking, we went to Tesco!

Since being home, and thinking how much I love this dress, and wondering why the hell it has taken me so long to make a purchase from Topsy Curvy, I perused the website some more and now have a massive wish list, and thought I would share some of it with you here….

Camoflage-Print-Swing-388x650 Candy-Skull-Swing-319x650 Charlotte-in-Black-Comic-Pow-400x650 Dogtooth-Swing-Dress-329x650 Floral-Peplum-Top-296x650 Green-Swing-With-Collar-309x650 Jo-in-Leopard-360x650 Pop-Art-Faces-Swing-Dress-292x650

* Stock Photos taken from the Topsy Curvy website

I could get quite carried away and spend lots of pennies with Topsy Curvy, could you? Prices are very reasonable and extremely affordable, and quality is superb.

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13 thoughts on “Topsy Curvy Saturday!

  1. This dress is great, a bit short for my tastes but I adore the print. I also love that skull dress and the dogtooth. I’ve seen there stuff at plus north and wasn’t sure about it on the hangers but the more I see people wearing it the more i like it x

  2. Aww you really look lovely in that dress!
    And those other dresses look great, too. Really like the peplum top. Will have to have a look at their website later. 🙂

  3. I reallllly like the tropical peplum top. I have a few Topsy Curvy pieces- just basic classics that I come back to again and again. You really are terrible at aiding my shopping habit xx

  4. Omg! My sister would LOVE that comic dress! I’m so going to have to show her it! You look amazing! 🙂 Can’t believe you’re shaving of your hair! So brave will have to tweet about it! 😀 xx

    1. I actually had this dress on this morning, but have since changed as we are having a family trip out to the beach…. Not really beach trip wear, jeans and hoodie now!!!!! It’s a great dress, and if your sister got it she wouldn’t be disappointed x

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