When You Find the Dress of Dreams…..

….. Buy it in ALL the colourways! * Warning Picture Heavy Post *

That’s what I did with the Lady Vintage Isabella, although I don’t actually have all the colourways (yet), but I do have 8 of them now, and it all started last July, when the amazing Curvy Wordy introduced me to my dress of dreams.

We all know how hard it is, whether you are a size 6 or a size 36, to find what suits our size and shape…. I have a friend who is the same size as me at a UK24, but things she looks amazing in do me now favours and vice versa, because although we are similar, we are different…. I have bigger boobs than she does, she is taller than me, our tummys are different.  She looks AMAZING in a tunic, whereas sometimes I look a little shapeless.

I fell in love with the Isabella the moment I put the first one on back on 18th July 2015…. I remember the date so well, the day I began my love affair with this dress.

The First
The Most Recent Addition

image image image image image image And the ones in between!

(Apologies for some of the photo quality, I have stolen a number from my social media)

I have my eye on my next addition already, although I need pennies, so I am praying that a) it doesn’t go out of stock in my size before I get some; b) if it does go out of stock it is re-stocked!!!  See it here.

I am also secretly praying they bring it out in this amazing new print, seen here on one of the new Phoebe’s recently launched on the website.  Unfortunately, the Phoebe doesn’t work for me, again proving how we are all different, but it is worth finding what works for you and embracing it…. I did!

What is your clothing item of dreams, and have you bought it in multiple colourways?

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BIG Love

S x

9 thoughts on “When You Find the Dress of Dreams…..

  1. Oh my goodness, what an amazing dress – it looks so wonderful on you, and the prints are stunning! I’m the same with Collectif’s Dolores dress – as someone with a heavy top half, it was a revelation and over the years have worked my way to getting ALL the prints! 🙂 It’s so amazing when you find something which just makes you feel incredible – and that’s exactly how you look in the dresses! 🙂

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