It's Competition Time at Nicky Rockets T-Shirt Emporium

Hey you guys!

I know you have all heard of the amazing Betty Pamper and therefore I also know you will be aware of her business Nicky Rockets which is going from strength to strength, t-shirts designed by the Mister of the Missus, for and inspired by all the super curvy women in the world!

If you follow me on Instagram you will have seen I gave in to one of these amazing tees, had to be done, and if you like me LOVE everything about Nicky Rockets t-shirts, you should enter their current giveaway to win yourself either one like I am wearing here (Curverella Slash), or one of the other amazing designs you can grab yourself on the website!  Also, stay tuned as there is soon to be a new design released…..


Now, all you need to do is go to the Nicky Rockets FB Page

And follow the instructions!

I’ve entered, this was my first of what I know will be many Nicky Rocket t-shirts adorning my wardrobe, and I know you are dying to start or in deed increase your collection too…. so off you pop, and be sure to say Hi to Betty from me!

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BIG Love

S x

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