Stopping by to say “Hi!”

Hey there pickles….

I’m sorry I haven’t been around lately, I’ve been struggling with my mental health, and have been trying to tackle that by way of starting Cognitive Behavourial Therapy (CBT).

I guess while putting so much effort into looking after myself in this department, something had to give, I’ve almost drained myself of being able to do much of anything else, including blogging.

I had so many plans for the blog in 2016, but it’s all taking a bit longer than I had hoped, but hopefully I’ll still get there… Eventually.


So, as the title says, I wanted to stop by and say hi, make sure you all still know I’m here, I haven’t run off anywhere, and keep an eye on my social media, IG etc. as I am just about managing to keep up with that.

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BIG Love

S x

3 thoughts on “Stopping by to say “Hi!”

  1. Look after yourself, lovely. Take all the time you need. We’ll be here, missing you, when you’re ready to dip ya toe back into the big rush x

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