The Good Side to Social Media…..

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Hey there you crazy bunch!  Hope you are all well…

Today I want to bring some positives to the table about Social Media.  I hear so many bad things, trolls (I’ve been subjected to those directly myself), hacking, identity theft to name a few, but something lovely happened to me yesterday and it was all because of Social Media, and in particular Instagram.

Having been out with the girls at the weekend, getting a bit camera happy with the selfies, and uploading a plethora to my IG account, I was beyond amazed, honoured, humbled to be tagged in this….


A portrait of one my night out selfies!

I shared this across all my social media platforms immediately, receiving compliment after compliment on how amazing this was, and how the artist had captured me so well.

I took it upon myself to contact the artist to, again, express my gratitude, but to also ask if I could purchase a hi res copy of the portrait for myself…. But because I hadn’t commissioned it, they had only used my photo as practice, nearly didn’t post it because, as with many of their pieces, they don’t always think they have done a good job… Er, der…. they only went and gave it to me for no pennies!

So in return for this amazing thing, also in the lead up to my birthday (what a lovely gift), I wanted to share this artist with you, and I give you….. Blake Eason!  Blake can also can be found on Instagram here, so be sure to give him a follow, and maybe even purchase one of his current prints of plus size mermaids, super heroes/super villans, or even commission a piece for yourself!

Have you had a positive social media experience?  Met your significant other maybe, had someone do you a kind deed?  I’d love to hear about it….

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BIG Love

S x

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