Here's What I Would Have Spent ft Topshop

Here we are again, telling a particular brand how much of our hard earned cash we would spend with them if they catered for our size!  This time it is the turn of Topshop.

In my teens, Topshop was always, and I know it still is really for those who can shop there, the go to place for high street fashion, at good prices and good quality.  I can’t speak from experience these days, obviously, but it was definitely the place to hang around outside on a Saturday afternoon with my school chums!

I don’t even think to look at their wares, even when to comes to footwear and accessories, as they don’t have my size range within their clothing to entice me in, which is a shame, as now looking at what they have to offer for the purpose of this challenge, it seems they have some pretty good stuff!

I’ve put together a little summer ensemble this time, which I think is fitting with the festival season creeping up on us soon.  I would definitely wear something like this for sure, and am liking what I see here so much, I am actually going to set myself a challenge to recreate this look with the help of some of my fat friendly brands!


Scarf Print Dress – £42.00
MOTO Vintage Western Jacket – £39.00
TECHNO Leather Cut-Out Sandal – £32.00
Premium Luxe Suede Fringe Tote – £85.00

Total Spend Topshop WON’T be getting = £198.00

What do you think of this outfit?  Would you wear it, or something similar, and have you checked out Topshop to see what you would’ve spent with them if you could?

Make sure to take a look at the other ladies taking part in today’s challenge, I’m now off to find me this outfit in size fat:

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