Curvy Convention 2015 & Blogger Take-Over at Simply Be Oxford Street !

Happy Tuesday Treacles!

You will undoubtedly have seen other bloggers posts regarding the first annual Curvy Convention, so I’m going to try and avoid going over old ground, and I am afraid that this post is going to be a wee bit pic heavy, but it would be rude not to put fingers to keyboard and bring you something!

If you follow my FB page, you will have seen a number of these pics already, but I have also stolen a few from other bloggers (which you have probably seen too….haha!), to try and mix it up a bit!

So, Saturday 16th May finally came, with lots of build up, and a number of fat babes all descended into London to Curvy Con, the brain baby of Linda Koch, one of the amazing Embassadors for the plus size community! I came into King Cross and met up with Georgina, her Mum and Lolly to then head on over to the venue….


 Wearing my scuba skater from BBW Couture (review available here)

imagePhoto courtesy of Georgina

Here we then met up with all the other amazing babes, some I had met before and already called friends, and some new soon to be bosom buddies! image

New buddies unit….. Katt (with two T’s) from A Curvy Cupcake and Kat (with one T) from The World Through Kat’s Eyes (pic courtesy of Kat with one T).

image image image

One of my fave brands, Voodoo Vixen had a stand (with cupcakes!!!!) and was the highlight of the catwalk!

image image

Ever since I saw the Gemma Collins Copenhagen Dress on Becky, I was a little bit in love, but seeing it at Curvy Con has made me want it even more!  It was great to also actually say hi to Gemma, I even gave her my card (no doubt nothing will come of it), but I am gutted I didn’t get a selfie…. Maybe another time.   Gemma actually opened the catwalk show, and she is lovely!

image image image
There was so much more to see, but I have to draw the line somewhere with the pics, and as I said before, I am sure there are lots more on other blogs you will have seen.

After mingling at the event, watching catwalks, chatting to brands and drooling over lots of pretty clothes etc. a few of us decided to head on down to Simply Be Oxford Street, and to say it was a blogger take over is an understatement….. haha!  The gorgeous Chloe was there to greet us all, and did an awesome job looking after us, and keeping us all in check….. Heehee!


Stopping for a beverage en route!  Here we have Georgina again, joined by Kathryn and Hayley (pic courtesy of Katt).

Here are a few of my faves, that I may have just come away with (whoops!). image

Kelly Brook Print Scuba Dress


Kelly Brook Print Jersey Wrap Dress


Simply Be Gingham Check Skater Dress

I cannot express how much of an amazing day it was, Linda did a good job for the first Curvy Con, here’s to next year, 21st May 2016, and it being as good, if not better, but the highlight for me, and with any of these events is the people I get to meet and call my friends.  I had been feeling a little low leading up to this day, and getting together with these awesome ladies is everything I needed, words cannot actually describe how much they mean to me, and what inspirations they all are.


Just a few of my inspirational friends, not everyone attended Curvy Con, or if they did, came to Simply Be, and some had to leave before the selfie stick came out, but I hope they all know who they are!

Those featured in this en mass selfie who haven’t already been mentioned in this post are Sam, Caroline, Natasha, Tanya, and another Katt (so many Kat’s on the day…. mind blowing!)

Did you go to Curvy Con?

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  1. Oi, the pub pic is mine ya cheeky moo haha (Its totally fine obv)
    I love how good these gatherings make people feel. I was on a high for a week. Love you allll xxxx

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