Money Saving Monday #4

Hello Sweeties!

As you will already be aware if you follow me regularly, I have embarked on a much needed, and overdue, spending ban, and the lovely Abi of A is for Abi Blog suggested a few of us turn it into a little blog challenge!  You can find week one here, week two here, and a combined week three here.

The ban is drawing to a close, and I am already finding myself drawn to cyber window shopping to see what I can buy as my first purchase once I am free…. It worries me slightly that I may go mad and spend two month’s worth playing catch up, somewhat defeating the object of the project, but we shall see…. Here are a few of the things I have my eye on…

Stock photo courtesy of

This beautiful corset would be a fab addition to my collection, and ideal for any up and coming photo shoots I have booked in.  Steel boned and available  here at the fab price of £69.00, which is a steel for such a quality piece!

Photo Taken from eBay

I am itching to get me a pair of New Rock boots, and again I have some ideas where these can be incorporated into some photo shoots…. As New Rocks are retailing in the £100’s, I have found these beauts on eBay, and at a current bid of £20.00 + p&p, auction ends later today…. Could this be the end to my spending ban?????

And finally, saving the best for last…..

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If you haven’t already come across the amazing Betty Pamper and her equally amazing hubby Nicky Rockets, firstly I say why the hell not?!?!?  Secondly, don’t waste any more time and get your buttocks over there!   I have been eyeing up these awesome tee’s for some time now, designed by Mr Rockets himself, and modelled by Mrs P here, and I am now at the point where I think it has to be done!  You can get yours here for a mere £15.00, but do check out the other designs!

Have you been on a much needed spending ban this month?  Have you faltered at all…. ?

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BIG Love

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6 thoughts on “Money Saving Monday #4

    1. OMG! They are amazing… Just like their owner… Heehee xxx I’m just worried my legs will be too chunky, even for ankle boots, but I guess there is only one way to find out xxxx

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