Money Saving Monday – Week 2 (Late Post)

Hello Cherubs!

As you will already be aware if you follow me regularly, I have embarked on a much need and overdue spending ban, and the lovely Abi of A is for Abi Blog suggested a few of us turn it into a little blog challenge!  You can find week one here.

I am very glad to say that I have stuck to my guns on this one, which is as surprising to me as it will be to anyone who knows me! Having been a bit of a spend-a-holic in the past, I am subjected to regular emails from the usual suspects advising me of deals, offers and sales, but I have avoided them at all costs *gives herself a pat on the back*.

I have, unfortunately started to have a little peruse the last couple of days, following a post on FB from the delicious Vicky of The Curved Opinion, where she had tried on a frock she is planning on wearing at the up and coming event of the year Plus North!  (I will also be attending Plus North, and will be strutting my stuff on the catwalk as well…. Eek!)  As you can imagine, as a plus size, primarily fashion, blogger it is all about what to wear.  Unfortunately, it is unlikely I will be able to purchase a new frock, I will be delving into the deepest and darkest depths of my wardrobe, but I thought I would have a look a put a little wish list together as to what I would buy to wear at Plus North if I could…. So here goes…..

I have a definite passion for anything from the Scarlett & Jo range from Evans, and this has become more apparent since I bought their first 2-in-1 prom dress a few months back (check out my post on that here).  The thing that amazed me about this dress more than anything was how I have yet to see it NOT look good on anyone!  It suits every single person I have seen it on irrelevant as to their size, shape or height!  Well done Scarlett & Jo!  So, with that in mind here is my Scarlett & Jo Wish List for Plus North……

07D48QBLK_2_large 07S03RBLK_2_large 07S07RMUL_2_large 07S08RMUL_large 07S09RMUL_2_large 07S25RBLK_2_large

Floral Print Prom Dress – Currently on sale at £30.00, reduced from £60.00!
Floral Print Prom Dress – Currently on sale at £48.00, reduced from £60.00!
2-in1 Floral Prom – Currently on sale at £48.00, reduced from £60.00!
2-in-1 Poppy Prom Dress – Currently on sale at £48.00, reduced from £60.00!
Pink Floral 2-in-1 Prom Dress – Currently on sale at £48.00, reduced from £60.00!
Black Floral Print Prom Dress  – Currently on sale at £48.00, reduced from £60.00!

Clearly not only do I LOVE Scarlett & Jo in general I LOVE their prom dresses….. Haha!

Fingers crossed for Friday’s lottery……

Are you going to Plus North?  Be sure to come say Hi, and if so, what are you wearing?

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BIG Love

S x

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