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I’ve been feeling a bit like I’ve lost my mojo recently, not being able to come up with anything I feel is worth while talking about, and not being able to come up with anything for the blogger challenge posts I am part of…. I’m putting it down to the heat…. Lol!   How are you all coping with this mini heatwave we are having here in Blighty?  I’m thinking best we make the most of it, it is bound to end soon…. Lol!

Anyhoo, I am going to make this post a combined OMCZ #36, Shop Your Stash #3 and Money Saving Monday #2 !

Bizarrely I am managing to stick to my spending ban this month…. Not entirely sure how, maybe I have been abducted by aliens, had probes stuck where nobody should have anything stuck and returned back to my home this new improved version of me????  Then again, maybe not and I have just realise I need to get my priorities right….

My OMCZ post was due last week, and this was chosen by the adorable Mookie of Mookies Life blog (I can’t wait to meet this amazing lady and give her a big hug at Plus North at the end of August…. Eek!), and this is what she said about it:

Theme: “Two Different Looks”

I decided to go with two different looks. Firstly I want you to show us what you consider is your go to style. The kind of style you know you look good in and that flatters your body. The secondly I want you to go totally out of your comfort zone and choose something you’ve been dreading or don’t really like wearing for some reason. So comfort style and then out of comfort style. 

I have quite a mixture of styles in my wardrobe, but one of my fave looks is a vintage look, so this had to be one of my different looks to share with you….


This dress was bought months and months and months ago, end of 2013 I believe, with the view of it possibly being worn at my friend’s 40th in January.  Needless to say I bought another dress, maybe even two or three, and this was not worn in the end.  I had to have it shortened, and I had never worn it properly until one day last week, to go to work, just because I can!

I bought the dress from a store which had a page on Facebook, but for some reason I can’t find it now, but I think it was called Pin Up Boutique (I think they may be no longer), and it was called their Betty Dress! I paid around £35.00 for it, and it was well worth every penny.  I am wearing the equivalent of a UK24-26.

The petticoat was bought from eBay from a company, which also has a website, called Black Butterfly (I think it is a size 22, but has lots of stretch around the belly), and the shoes are imitation Converse Stars from Tesco (size 3)!

The second look I have decided to share with you is what I would say is me releasing my inner grunge… Haha!


The dress was bought from Toni over at The Left of Perfect during one of her recent blog sales.  It is an ASOS Curve Swing dress in a size 22.  I bought this dress from Asos Curve last year, when I was still in my tent wearing mode, in a size 26…. As you can probably imagine this was somewhat a tad big, so when I saw Toni selling it in a UK22 I decided to replace my oversize dress for this one…. Good call on my part me thinks!

The scarf was bought from eBay, but was originally H&M, and I have a pair of my  Iron Fist Wedge boots on!

Obviously all of these items have been in my possession for several months now, so constitute for Shop Your Stash for sure and not a new item in sight so most definitely money saving, albeit Tuesday not Monday!

So there we are, three blog challenges in one, I think that is me caught up for now, until I fall behind again, which no doubt won’t be long, it is the story of my life these days…

Make sure you check out all the chicks taking part in these three fab challenges….


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