#OMCZ 26 – My First "Outside My Comfort Zone" Challenge Post…!


So I’m on a roll, and this is the second monthly challenge I have signed up to!  Outside My Comfort Zone, aka #OMCZ, which is pretty much what it says on the tin. This month’s theme/challenge has been set by the amazing Steph, and is all about looking back over the last 12 months since this particular challenge started, and how we have changed since that first post.

As I had not found the wonderful World of blogging back then, I have taken the approach to look at my style 12 months ago, how I have changed and where I am today.  I guess I have always been a fairly bubbly character, not always necessarily confident, but gave the impression I was to compensate for my size, but having recently looked at a photo of my self taken January 2013, and someone who has only known me the past 2-3 months making the comment of how much older and dowdy I look then to how I look now, I had to agree!  However, as I explained to them, at the time I saw nothing wrong with the way I looked in my all black outfit with a small splash of colour in the oversized scarf I wore dangling around my neck and down my front to subconsciously hide behind.


I would see many outfits, dresses in particular as I am rather partial to a pretty frock, that I would think “I wish I could wear that” and just wouldn’t dare, along with styles I would love to adopt into my everyday wardrobe and felt I would just be laughed at.  But now with my new-found confidence, mostly thanks to finding a community of like-minded, passionate and beautiful women, I am now trying new things!  Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t, but I am trying, and if they don’t work at least I have tried and I’m the one making the decision not to run with it and I’m not allowing myself to be dictated to by society.

I have also found that I am a real sucker for a fancy fascinator or a bit of hair bling!  I have adopted this style in to my everyday wardrobe, and I have been very pleasantly surprised at how well this rather bizarre style has been received.  I am sure that my work colleagues just think I’m a bit eccentric, but so be it….. I am….. Lol!  These lovely pieces of art fit in perfectly with my love of anything vintage, and I feel that I really should have been born in the 40’s or 50’s, but I am now living that dream in the noughties…. Hee hee!


Get the Gist….. Lol!

I think I’m a bit like Marmite, you either love me or you hate me, but I think mostly I’m loved, and the most important thing of all is that I now love me….. I stand tall, all 4’10” of me, and hold my head high.  I know that I am a beautiful human being, even with a cupcake on my head, because that is just me, and I am going to continue to embrace and cultivate this part of me.

Thank you to all of you that have given me the confidence to pursue this new chapter of my life, and for those around me that support me and understand the eccentric in me breaking free….

BIG Love

S x

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6 thoughts on “#OMCZ 26 – My First "Outside My Comfort Zone" Challenge Post…!

  1. I love your love of hair bling. I have a small collection of bonce adornments and love them and they’re a brilliant way of jazzing up an outfit. As to trying things, if they don’t work then all the better as it narrows down your style. I’ve learned more about myself in the 18 months I’ve been fat blogging than the previous 30-odd years. x

    P.S. You’d be tall to my mum – she’s 4 ft 8. 🙂

  2. Darling Sarah! I’ve known you through many phases of our personal lives and phases of fashion (remember the flat cap??) for a long long time, but I have to say I’ve been truly amazed at the change in you over the last year. You’ve inspired me not to hide my curves but to be free of worry about what I wear. You’ve always had an eccentricity to your style even in the darkest of of our fashion trends! You like to make a statement and by Jove you’ve done it with your fantastic style and confidence! Love you Sarah! Cupcake fascinator and all! Xxxx

  3. It’s wonderful that coming into the blogosphere and expressing yourself has allowed you to try and come to love new things! Fascinators and hair accessories are wonderful and there’s one for everybody, such an awesome accessory and always glad to see another fan 😀 Also nice to see confidence in another petite person, I’m 4ft10 too and have never seen it as a bad or dehabilitating thing, it’s always been the people around me who would go on about how short I am and the so-called disadvantages and how they’re glad they’re not so short. That said it was mostly average and slightly taller than average people who were like that, the tall women I’ve known wouldn’t have minded being shorter. All the best 🙂

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