#OMCZ 28 – Bring Your High Heels!


So a fortnight has passed again….. Where does the time go when you are having fun?!  And it is time for the #OMCZ post, and this week’s theme was chosen by Mary and this is what she said about it:

I know that heels make our feet hurt and sometimes is quite difficult to walk however, is there anything more stylish than a woman in high heels?
You may have a simple dress and no accessories but if you put your heels on you will be the most elegant girl in the room so ladies I what to see your heels!!
Hope this challenge will suit everyone!

I have a wardrobe full of heels, but as for many of us, I have to pick and choose when I wear them, as the feet, legs and back just can’t handle them like they used to…. I am heading for 40 don’t you know (Lol!).  I normally don’t go for much over a 2.5/3 inch heel, unless I can be sure I will be seated more than anything else, but for today’s challenge I thought I would step it up a bit.

As I wanted to wear my new Society Jeans from Taking Shape (full blog review on these coming soon), which even having been shortened still need a heel, being not only a fat bird but a short fat bird…. Heehee!  I decided that these shoe/boots would go well, and having a bit of a platform would hopefully not completely cripple me.  I bought these second hand last year, but they were originally from New Look.




I put these on at around 08:20am, managed to walk around the office, but this just constitutes back and forth to the loo, kitchen to make tea etc., but I did also stagger across to the cafe on the industrial estate where I work, and with the exception of the steps out of our office and the steps into the cafe being a little bit of a mission all went well!  I kept my trusty flats close at hand, and I managed until 16:05pm before the heels got the better of me.

Have you donned your heels today, or are you a flats or wedges kinda gal?

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BIG Love

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