Off With Her Head Monthly – August 2014

Ahoy there Matey’s (this will make sense shortly)!

I was a monumental Slack Alice last month and only posted pics of my monthly hair flower on my social networks, but this month it would have been criminal to do such a thing!

This month Lisa was inspired by Talk Like a Pirate Day, which was September 19th!  I missed it, didn’t know such a thing existed, but from now on I shall be making sure I celebrate this momentous day from 2015 onwards!

This little piece of awesomeness is also a prelude to next month’s hair flower which, rumour has it, will be Halloween inspired!  Can’t flippin’ wait!


The photo doesn’t actually do the gorgeous colour of this month’s flower justice, but I hope you get the idea.

Now, as I tell you every time I do one of these little posts, you too can join Lisa’s Hair Flower of the Month club, and don’t forget you can get yourselves a sneaky little 10% off your order by quoting G2XWZHJI at the checkout (this code can only be used once), be sure to quote code DOYSA001 in the comments box when placing your order so they know who sent  you over. Remember, she also ships internationally, just contact her to discuss any difference in shipping cost…

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BIG Love

S x

2 thoughts on “Off With Her Head Monthly – August 2014

  1. Those hair flowers are just beautiful! I’ve just been over to Etsy and ordered one (this PS blogging lark may be brilliant for my self esteem & confidence but it’s no good for my bank account!) x

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