Is Being Body Positive Bad for my Health?

So I am really starting to feel good about myself, happy in my skin, etc etc, but….. (there is always a but), am I starting to feel too comfortable with myself that I could slip out of the dieting zone? For those of you that don’t know me personally, I have been seeing a dietician for some months now, as I had taken myself off to the doctors to ask for some help to lose some poundage for health reasons[Read more]

Have I Gone Too Far?

Today I have been faced with wondering if I have taken all this body positive, love your curves etc. too far and have I turned into someone I never thought I would??? There I was taking one of my, now almost daily, selfie’s when the hubby pointed out to me that he had never known someone to love themselves so much and that I had gone from one extreme to the other and was turning into Katie Price! This really[Read more]

BIG Girls Just Wanna Have Fun…… And I Did!

Well what can I say, the 80’s night rocked and I have some of the best friends ever! ┬áIt has to have been at least 15 years if not longer since I have been out with all the ladies I had the pleasure to spend Saturday night with, and anyone would have thought it was only last weekend that we were in our late teens / early twenties and strutting our stuff on the dance floor at Ritzy, Peppermint park,[Read more]

Countdown to the 80's….

So, I’m sorry I’ve been a bit quiet, I haven’t felt I’ve had much to share, so didn’t want to home you! I’ve had lots going through my tiny little brain…. 1) How can I become a stylist/image consultant/personal shopper for us larger than life individuals; 2) Spare a thought for the skinnies who want to be fatties; and the biggest question which needs answering of all 3) What do I wear for an 80’s night when although I love[Read more]

Always look on the PLUS SIZE of Life!

So, I have continued this week to look on the PLUS SIZE of Life, even though it has been a bit of a mixed bag…. I saw my first born, and very likely only born, go to big school for the first time this week…. She looked so grown up as she walked to school in her uniform and her backpack, which for most of the littlies going into Reception is nearly as big as them! Mummy managed to hold[Read more]