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As you know I do love fashion and style, I like to mix it up and experiment with styles, and if I can find new brands, and small businesses I can support it makes it all the better.  With that, I recently came across a brand by the name of REW Clothing via a fashion related Facebook Group a friend added me to at the tail end of last year.  I am now going to get a little bit gushy….

REW is the Rachel Medlicott’s baby (previously Wright I believe, hence the name).  It all became an apple in her eye back in 2001 when she first designed the REW Scarf, after getting frustrated trying to tie a scarf, and came up with a no fuss, button collar which instantly gives any outfit the WOW factor…  In her words, fast forward 10 years to 2011, single mum on the brink of losing her job, she revisited what she had done all those years before and VOILA!  Like a quote by Eleanor Roosevelt I shared only last week, “A women is like a teabag, you never know how strong she is until she gets in hot water.”  This is obviously Rachel and she created her empire for her and her kids… Read more about her and her journey here.

Now, I placed one order… I was blown away, the quality of the fabrics Rachel sources is top notch, but not only that, Rachel still creates these garments her self, by hand (she uses sewing machines obvs), but some parts of these garments need to be finished by hand! She prides her self very much on quality.

The garments are amazing, and Rachel’s customer service is just as good! I placed my most recent order (order number 3… and this WILL NOT be my last), at around 4-4:30pm yesterday afternoon, I paid for express delivery (guaranteed next working day if ordered by 3pm), so, I expected this to arrive on Friday – which was absolutely fine, I would still have it by the weekend.  Rachel packaged that order up there and then and physically ran to catch the postman and my order arrived pre-1pm today, the very next day, along with an added personal note from the lady herself and a chocolate heart… I may not have met her in person, only via the great worldwide web, but I loves her lots, and the pretty clothes and accessories she makes.

Now, the other thing I want to tell you about these products and Rachel is that she has magical powers which also filters into her work…. When Rachel says a garment is one size fits all (the duster coats will cater for a UK size 10-20), they really do! I have seen these via the FB group I am in on dwarves like myself (5ft5 and under – remember, I am 4ft10) and ladies of much greater stature and heading towards the 6ft mark…. They look great on each and everyone of us!  Varying shapes, and sizes…. They really work on us all!

If you haven’t checked them out, you really need to, and if you follow the link here, you will be get 10% off your order.  No, they aren’t the cheapest, go to Primarni etc for that, but remember, all handmade, unique, limited edition and, in some cases, one off designs, AND made in the UK!

Go, Go, Go! Please note Rachel only makes a handful of her designs, which makes them even more special and unique, and once they are gone they are gone!

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