Girl's Night Out & My 100th Post!

Hello my lovelies!

If you follow my blog regularly you will be aware that the big 4 o is fast approaching, and will finally crash land with a  vengeance next week…. So in true Sarah Style I hit the town last weekend with some of my Besties in tow.

This is what I finally decided to wear… A lovely ASOS Curve dress I managed to stop up at a bargain price from Sarah Jayne Potter, worn only once and at half the original price.  Yes, I had to get it shortened, but this very simply, jersey, “I’ve got Boobies”, maxi dress make me feel $100, with some added cheap Primarni bling and I was ready to paint the town red!

IMG_20140531_190835 IMG_20140531_190827

We started of eating in La Tasca (Norwich), and although the food was all very nice, we must just be a bunch of pigs as a number of us were still hungry after the meal…. Lol!


Following Beer, Cava and Sangria, and a bit of food, we all wandered over the road to Revolucion De Cuba, again still in Norwich (obviously).  We had tried to make a reservation here to eat, but unfortunately they were fully booked at the time…..

2-1 3-1 5-1

For me the night started and ended here.  I cannot remember what time we arrived, things were already starting to get a little blurry, but I know I remained here until we were actually kicked out….  I can highly recommend this bar to anyone on a night out in Norwich, and I would imagine their other locations are equally as good!  I can highly recommend the teapots of cocktails, in particular the Fruit Salad!

At this point there were two of the remaining party left, and still hungry, and a must for any night out on the tiles, we ventured to the Kebab shop, where we promptly devoured one small chicken kebab each with one of our five a day (Salad) and garlic sauce.  At this point I promptly dive-bombed off the high bar style stool my friend had helped me on to into the middle of the kebab shop.  Never fear, all was well and I promptly ordered us two more large kebabs to take back to our hotel room with us!!!!!  Yes, I know, I am a fat pig…. but I like it!

Here are some random pics taken during the evening by me and my buddies…. I am sure you can see how the night went!

1601550_243419452522013_5983218365652898694_n 10342590_10152476777209493_1761860857_n 10365875_10204143268245326_1113567883071153873_n 10390015_243419402522018_6784834961847568806_n 10405862_10152476659154493_1618357267_n 10419677_10152476658684493_2131500263_n 10423413_10152476659609493_1936592356_n 10426728_10152426029550310_5166875410931066058_n 10380960_10204145676505531_3629827480607973474_n

IMG_20140601_012811 IMG_20140601_011601

IMG_20140601_012558 IMG_20140601_012606 IMG_20140601_012615 IMG_20140601_012908

And here is how I looked at 10:30am the following morning!


Hell yeah, it was a good night!

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BIG Love

S x

2 thoughts on “Girl's Night Out & My 100th Post!

  1. That style of black jersey frock is one of my all time favourites (I’m working on one right now in fact) and you look amazing. Hair – makeup – everything! I’m glad you had a great night. I’m crazy for tapas :o)

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