Mission Impossible…. Accomplished!

As you all know, not only do I live a chub life, I live a midget chub life! At 4ft 10in I am, apparently, technically deemed a drawf – please note I am not a medical professional and am only quoting what I have either found via the internet or what I have been told…. People of 147cm (4ft10ins) or less are classed as drawfs/midgets (not to be confused with the medical disability of Drawfism) ! I must add here, that I am frequently reminded by a particularly good friend of mine, that if these statements are to be true, then I am actually extremely tall….. for a drawf!

Anyhoo, back to the matter in hand, what mission impossible has been accomplished I hear you cry…. Well, obviously being of a chubby nature I frequently have to conquer various challenges with regards to my girth, but with the added inside leg measurement of around 25ins, this adds to my plight.  Just recently I have been in search of some short fatty friendly stockings/hold ups, and although if you are a fatty of a certain height, the World is your oyster, and one particular supplier I can highly recommend is The Big Tights Company.  Unfortunately, these were far too long in the leg for me, and would serve me well as fanny warmers almost, but, I am abnormal, on many levels, and should you be of a good height (which is anything over 4ft 10in pretty much) I cannot recommend this brand enough!

I was almost at the end of my tether, thinking I was never going to find stockings or hold ups that would work for me, and I was going to just have to give up, and then I thought, one last try, I will try the Pretty Polly hold ups available in my local Co-Op.  I didn’t in a million years think they would work, but at a good price, and I was there anyway, what was there to lose…. I frequently buy their 15 denier and 40 denier tights in an XL when they have them in stock, and I find these to be more than adequate if I am wanting something a little bit cheaper and quickly (as I said, they are available in my local Co-Op store), so I thought let’s give the hold ups a go.


Photographer: The Detonator MUAH: Me

I was amazed!  They were a good length, and even wearing them for a few hours, they didn’t even really roll down.  They started to a little bit between the thighs after a while, but my size 10/12 friend who was with me said that even happens with her!

I have now stocked up on some additional (barely black) pairs so as to have some waiting in the wings at all times, plus a pair in a natural (chiffon) colour.

Are you to a short fatty, try Pretty Polly and let me know how you get on!

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BIG Love

S x

4 thoughts on “Mission Impossible…. Accomplished!

  1. Witwoo!

    I’m 5’4″, but my inside leg is 25″ too – I’ve always said I’ve got ducks disease – my arse is too close to the ground 😀

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