My Continued Journey….. (TRIGGER WARNING: Slimming World/Weightloss)

This post does talk about dieting and weightloss, if this topic is a trigger for you, please feel free not to read any further


It has been a while, I know, I will get back on it, I am passionate about Plus Size & Proud and bringing you more during 2017…

In the meantime, I thought I would give you an update on my Slimming World journey.

If you read my post over at  This is Plus dated 20/10/2016, this would have been some 7 weeks into my journey. I have stuck at it religiously, and at my 23 week weigh in (last night 07/02/2017) I had lost a total of 4st 1.5lbs! Now, at this point most would probably say its been hard, but it actually hasn’t. I have loved every minute, eat more than I ever did, really enjoy the food I am eating and aim to continue to my target…. Only another 2st 11.5lb to go. I even lost over Christmas… But, I guess I have to admit it has taken dedication, motivation, will power and just the general wish to be healthier.

I have had to be focused and plan, but if I can do it anyone can, as previously I have been the least likely to stick at anything.

I have thoroughly enjoyed trying out new styles, styles I wouldn’t have probably dreamed of in the past, or they just didn’t suit me (although that really shouldn’t matter – Fuck Flattering and all that)… Although, still being a champion of body positivity, this does still go against the grain, there is more available to me now being around a size 20, and this is anger inducing as I still advocate size inclusivity when it comes to brands and the sizes they offer, but it is what it is, and I can’t deny it is good to be able to look at more high street stores when it comes to my wardrobe… Is that wrong?

I also talked about how I had embarked on C25K in the previous post back in October, however, this did not work out for me… I am just not built/designed/have the desire to run… However, I still wanted to start to incorporate some exercise into my lifestyle, so 6 weeks ago I started Ballroom & Latin classes, and the only down side to this is WHY THE HELL DID I WAIT SO BLOODY LONG! I absolutely love it darling (said in Craig Revel-Horwood voice of course).

I hope this has helped if you were thinking of stepping on to the healthy eating plan ladder (I would definitely say SW is NOT a diet), or if you have been struggling at all. I want to reach out to you and say if you wanted to chat about anything, need some words of reassurance or ask any questions, I may not be a professional, but I would be more than happy to share my experiences in more detail with you. Feel free to email via the Contact option, I am always here for you!

I will continue with updates on my healthy living journey, which warnings will be added for those who prefer to avoid the topic.

If you got this far, thank you for taking the time to read.

(Timings a bit off…. This post has been sat in my drafts for a couple of weeks….)

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BIG Love

S x

3 thoughts on “My Continued Journey….. (TRIGGER WARNING: Slimming World/Weightloss)

  1. Good for you, Sarah! I’m glad you’re feeling good about it and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being happy about having more clothing options. I don’t think being smaller and being body positive are mutually exclusive.

    I have been on a bit of a health journey myself – mainly just trying to exercise more and eat better, not necessarily to lose weight but just because I want to feel better and have more energy. I haven’t even stepped on the scale this year since I know that focusing on the numbers is not good for my mental health. I’m more interested in how I feel and how my clothes fit.

    I think it’s important for everyone to find their own path and to do the things that make them feel good, so I’m glad to hear SW is working out for you. Also, dancing sounds really fun!

  2. Love this! I’m a plus size girl who stands against any body shaming however I’m on a slimming world journey to lose weight. I get quite a bit of backlash that I can’t be a plus size supporter as I’m trying to lose weight. I was apprehensive opening your blog because of this but I was pleasebtjg surprised. Good luck on your journey! You look great – at every stage of your journey- even the beginning

    Lou x

  3. You look so wonderful!
    You’re so right; being focused and planning is so important. If I just take the time to plan out my day and never allow myself to get too hungry, it works.
    Unfortunately, I’ve been sliding back, but hope to get back on track….hopefully…

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