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If you follow me over on Instagram, you will already know that I am taking part in the #PSBloggersMarvellousMay Instagram Challenge which was the creation of Debz over at Wannabe Princess.  You will see there is a theme each day, and today, day 13, was Outfit of the Day!  I have posted this over on IG, but as I hadn’t done a post for best part of a week, I thought I would turn this into a quick little blog post as well…..


This month I have avoided buying any “new” clothes as such, but have been partial to the odd blog sale / thrift shop purchase.  One of the blog sale’s I was recently drawn to was Toni’s of The Left of Perfect, and this amazing PU dress from Simply Be!




I was a little worried that this dress wouldn’t be big enough as it is a 22, but I think it has enough stretch in it to get away with it.  I really like the way it shows off my curves, bit shorter than I usually go for but I am actually starting to like my legs, in tights/leggings anyway, but the one thing I kept really worrying about in the end was the high neckline…. a definite outside my comfort zone thing for me!

I did have to chuckle at something one of my work colleagues said this afternoon, she said the dress was okay and all, but she was used to seeing me in big, floaty, spotty things…. Lol!  Do I??? Haha!

The dress is still available here at £55.00…. but I got this from Toni at the bargain price of £12.00…. What a lucky girl I am eh?!

Whilst checking online to see if the dress was still available, I went and found these, and in a petite (26in leg) and not unreasonable at £35.00!!!!


Oh my days, I may just have to invest in some more PU on pay day, what say you guys???  Do you have a weakness for all things leather, pleather?

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BIG Love

S x

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