Plus 40 Fabulous – An Introduction


I am plus size, over 40 and pretty goddamn fabulous, if you ask me!  There are many of us out there, over that dreaded age threshold, where you are expected to fade to beige and disappear into the background because we are now deemed past our sell by date….. But there are also many of us who will refuse to do any of this, me included if you hadn’t already noticed, and we should not be dismissed, and pushed aside.  This is why my lovely friends Leah and Mookie came up with this amazing group/hashtag so we can show you how fabulous you can be, even if we are over 40!

I haven’t always been this confident, I haven’t always had the confidence to try different ways to dress…..

Hiding in black and a big floaty scarf!

But thanks to finding plus size blogs as I entered my 40th year, having since started my own, and made some of the best friends ever, I can say I have pulled myself back from the depths of beige, and have never and will never look back!

image image image image image image image image image image

Just a few outfits I’ve thrown together recently…..

There will be monthly blog challenges for the bloggers amongst us, but also make sure to check out the hastag #Plus40Fabuous on all the usual social media platforms for those who are also part of this amazing group but don’t have a blog, I’ve also been using this hashtag for my outfit posts on Instagram!

Below is a list of those that have already signed up to this awesomeness, but I know there will be more joining soon!  Check out their posts as they put it far more eloquently than me…..

Stay tuned for some more #Plus40Fabulous posts!

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BIG Love

S x

13 thoughts on “Plus 40 Fabulous – An Introduction

  1. Sarah!!! I love your photos and the transformation makes me happy!! Looking at you now compared to before is a world of difference-for the better if you wondered!! 🙂 The Wonder Woman photo sums it all up for me. You truly are a Wonder Woman. We all are!!! 🙂 Love you!! <3

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