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So this is the first month of #Plus40Fabulous under new management!  Myself and Cathy are taking up the reigns for a while to give Leah and Mookie a well deserved rest to concentrate on their health and some other projects they have in hand, although they are still both very much part of the group, and will always be the creators of the hashtag.  Do also check out the FB page Cathy and I are also helping with here for future updates.

Cathy came up with this month’s theme, centering around holidays, with the good old UK Summer (Haha! That’s funny right there, as if we ever have a Summer in the UK) Holidays upon us.  This didn’t have to be about what you have planned currently, as I don’t actually have a summer holiday booked, and haven’t had what I call a proper holiday since May 2008 when I was actually 5 months pregnant, but it could focus on childhood memories, or maybe a time when you were brave enough to go on the beach in a swimming costume/wear shorts etc.

My childhood memories are very close to my heart and were spent in the Derbyshire Dales in a caravan mainly with my parents, but I don’t appear to have any photos of those times, undoubtedly all at my dads, but what I did find when I was hunting at home were some snaps from my first holiday with a girly friend!


I was 21, I think, and it would have therefore been around 1995…. I was probably 5 sizes smaller than I am now, someone at work pointed out I look like a completely different person, and the truth is I was!

If I think back to that time, I have more confidence in my own skin now at a size 24/26, double chins and all my jiggly bits! I remember my friend being quite happy to go topless, where as I was not so keen, and I am not sure I did, and if I did it wasn’t for long and I was soon covering up!


During this last week I came across an article by Carol Vorderman, all about how she is so much confident now later in life than she ever used to be, read it here, and although it isn’t so much size and body related, it still rings very true with me.


It just goes to show that being a size 12 (which I think I was in these pictures – maybe a 14), doesn’t mean we don’t have hang-ups.

I looked at these photos quite a bit while thinking about this post, and started to wonder would I want to be this size again, but I don’t think I would as I would then have the added worry of will my jiggly bits become too saggy, and then add to more confidence issues… and I went and ate two bacon sandwiches!

Do you have any similar stories, I’d love to hear about them!

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One thought on “Plus 40 Fabulous: The Holiday Edit

  1. Great post Sarah, and you’re so right. I wouldn’t want to be my younger self again, even if I was a size 12. At that size, I had so many self doubts and not even half the confidence I have now. So although it’s nice to look back, I like where I am now 🙂

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