#Plus40Fabulous January Edition – Fashion Icons of our Childhood


Welcome to this month’s theme, which was picked by Lee who said:

“How about we talk about how our teens/childhood influence our choices in clothes and things today.”

I was born in the mid 70’s, so really the 80’s is my time when I started to really know my own mind when it came to fashion.  I can particularly recall my 9th birthday (’83) and I was having a party.  I went shopping for an outfit with my Mum and Nan, and found some amazing trousers similar to those worn by Oliver Newton John as Sandy at the end of Grease…. Needless to say, I didn’t actually get them, and ended up resembling ONJ as the earlier Sandy in a pink & white gingham ensemble instead.


Since then, and in recent years I have most definitely experimented more in my fashion, and gone with what I like, and at times have started to resemble the closing scene Sandy on occasion….


I was also partial to a good old movie, still am, and some more fashion icons I try to incorporate into my wardrobe are the likes of Doris Day, Ginger Rogers and of course Audrey Hepburn.


Classic lines which never go out of fashion, no matter the era!


But as well as all of this ultra-retro fashion, I am still an 80’s girl at heart, and although I don’t wear the neon now, and don’t have the big hair, Andie Walsh from Pretty Pink is never far from my heart, and a little bit of quirky often makes an appearance.



So who from your childhood inspires your clothing choices today?

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BIG Love

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7 thoughts on “#Plus40Fabulous January Edition – Fashion Icons of our Childhood

  1. I’m loving these looks! The skirt in the Sandy inspired outfit is gorgeous and those tartan leggings are so good! A lot of my style inspiration comes from my childhood in the 80’s, I distinctly remember my Mother leaving the house for nights out with big hair, big earrings and shimmery make up…. I’m now pretty much exactly the same tbh! x

  2. I love this post. You always look amazing in everything you wear. There have been a few new people join, the new list is on my blog. 🙂 xxx

  3. Wow Sarah!! You’re making me so happy with your colourful style. I absolutely love the photos and your style references. 🙂 my favourite look is the leather jacket, and 50s style shirt and skirt. Gorgeous. 🙂 I have the red shirt too!! 🙂 Just haven’t worn it yet. 🙂

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