Easter "Prom Queen" Sunday

So yesterday was Easter Sunday, and like many across the Country, I spent the day with family, my Nan to be precise. As normal I struggled to decide what to where, because obviously I have nothing in my wardrobe…. haha!  But I was continually drawn to my Scarlett & Jo 2-in-1 Floral Prom Dress! I was thinking maybe it was a bit OTT for Sunday Lunch, but then I thought to myself, has that ever bothered me before…. Nah. This dress,[Read more]

Happy Cupcake Tuesday!

Just a quick outfit of the day post…. Today I declared it Cupcake Tuesday, just because I can…. Hahaha!  Not one cupcake passed my luscious lips, but I wore cupcakes a plenty, and here is the proof (apologies for the rubbish pics again)! Dress – Joanna Hope from Fifty Plus / Simply Be (I actually bought two so I can wear one out and still have one in my wardrobe I loved it so much!) A Summer 2013 purchase Head Scarf – Be[Read more]

Men are most definitely from Mars!!!

I had the dentist today…. Not very exciting, had an old filling drilled out and refilled, no injection I might add (tough as old boots me!).  Anyway, I was most impressed when one of the Receptionist complimented me on my style, said how much she liked it, realised it was 50’s, probably because she promotes the 40’s style when she can. Anyway, I came home, told the hubster about what she had said and about the 50’s style I was,[Read more]

Gotta Love Debenhams!

So I was sat eating my lunch (very nice cheesy chips I  might add), doing my daily news catch up on Yahoo! and there it was…. A high street store finally accepting not everyone is a size Zero!  Now I will patiently await the very first size 24 mannequin! http://uk.lifestyle.yahoo.com/video/debenhams-introduces-plus-size-mannequins-162438020.html?vp=1 I am also aware that I have been exceptionally slack in my posts of late.  Every day life is just too damn hectic, but I do try and regularly post[Read more]