BEDJ – Day 11 & I’m Off Piste!

So, you may be wondering what happened to Days 9 and 1o….. I just couldn’t come up with anything of interest (in my opinion), so rather than blog for the sake of blogging, I had a rest!  Maybe I should now start titling the remaining posts for June as BNEDJ – the N being for NEARLY…. Lol! However, today is my birthday, and it would just be rude not to share with you lovely lot what I wore, so today I[Read more]

Happy Birthday To…..? Oh, That'll Be Me!

So, I’ve been harping on about this for month’s now, and we have had a couple of weeks build up as well, but today is the day I turn 40!!!! Technically speaking, based on the time I was actually born, I still have a couple of hours, but all in all I am now officially heading into my 40th year.  How do I feel?  Do I feel 40?  The answer is most of the time no!  Occasionally the old bones[Read more]

Girl's Night Out & My 100th Post!

Hello my lovelies! If you follow my blog regularly you will be aware that the big 4 o is fast approaching, and will finally crash land with a  vengeance next week…. So in true Sarah Style I hit the town last weekend with some of my Besties in tow. This is what I finally decided to wear… A lovely ASOS Curve dress I managed to stop up at a bargain price from Sarah Jayne Potter, worn only once and at[Read more]