#IDONATED – All in the Name of Charity

You will have all seen recently the #nomakeupselfie Campaign in aid of Cancer Research… if you haven’t, then you must be living in a cave in the outer Hebrides or somewhere similar!  Although this is a most worthy cause, one of my fellow bloggettes, the fabulous Vicky of The Curved Opinion, suggested we all did a little shout out for some of the charities and organisations equally worthwhile that sometimes get overlooked, and may be close to our hearts in some way.  You can[Read more]

Hannah is Shaving her Head for Charity ** Blogger Charity Challenge Post **

Today it is all about Hannah of Fabulously Fat Fashion.  Hannah is one of the many amazing ladies I have met (albeit in the cyber sense) since I have found this uber awesome community of Plus Size Bloggers!  I always knew from the off that she was pretty incredible, but she is now about to take herself beyond the realms of awesomeness and do something that deserves the utmost respect.  She wanted to do something for a local charity, one that[Read more]