Review Post | Comfort Anti Chafing Shorts from Donatella Tights *

I’m such a rubbish blogger, and this post is well over due….  but, I am sure I was always told better late than never!!!  There was, however, a reason I left this one for a while as there were a number of reviews floating around for similar products a while back, and I didn’t want to bombard you all. Today I am talking to you about and showing you the Comfort Anti Chafing Shorts from Donatella’s!  These are made of the[Read more]

Giveaway with Vevina!

Today I bring you another solution to the dreaded chub rub, and this time, rather than it being a pair of under-cracker shorts that could potentially (but not always) make you hotter due to being an added layer of clothing, this is in the form of Vevina* friction protection, which is a cream. I have, until now, always been dubious of the anti-chafe creams on the market, could they really be that good and do what they say they do?  Well, I[Read more]

Chub Rub Fought the Fatty and the Fatty Won! (Including Blog Giveaway)

So, you will have seen with summer upon us I recently ventured into the World of the Maxi Dress… having found an amazing dress at Taking Shape.  You can check out my post about it here.  Unfortunately, I don’t think there are many of us fat babes out there that haven’t suffered the discomfort of “Chub Rub”….. and in the past I can say that this has steered me away from the nice pretty frocks and skirts in the past, and[Read more]