Happy Hump Day!

It’s Wednesday, and that can only mean one thing….. Hump Day!  Today’s second edition of the blog is brought to you by the Letters P and C for Pink Clove!  I am sorry for overloading you today, I was not intending on posting twice in a 24 hour period…. Sorry, not sorry??? It is day two of my #100HappyDays and of my self inflicted spending ban – all going well so far!  However, not entirely sure how long it will last[Read more]

One of Many Reasons I LOVE the Plus Size Blogging Community…..

During one of my many perusals of the numerous social media platforms I am partial to, I came across a post on the Bonmarche Facebook Page (page link here), which caused a mighty amount of controvesy!  This post was centered around four different women, different shapes, different sizes, wearing two different David Emanuel dresses. Photo Courtesey of the Bonmarch Facebook Page – Don’t ALL these ladies look amazing?! This photo features the following bloggers, so please do pay them a visit: Pic 1[Read more]

Taking Shape Pt 2 – This Post Comes with a Warning…..

……. A gush warning, as I think I may just be in love with Taking Shape! So, firstly, for those that did not read my previous post here, having discovered Taking Shape, a plus size clothing retailer from Australia who are, without a doubt, going to take the UK by storm, or I’ll eat my hat, via Betty Pamper and Mayah‘s recent blog posts, I managed to bag myself a free personal shopping experience in their Peterborough Store.  This experience is[Read more]

Taking Shape Pt 1 – 4 More Sleeps……

…. Until my Personal Shopping Session at Taking Shape. You may not have come across them before, and if I’m honest before yesterday neither had I.  They started in Australia and are now branching out in the UK.  I believe they have been in the UK for while now, but I found them via some awesome fellow bloggers, Betty Pamper and Mayah and their recent blogs giving the low down. Once I was aware of this new-found plus size retailer, and we all know[Read more]

Just another Manic Monday…. A Day in the Life…. In Pictures

Who likes Mondays??? Mine has been more good than bad though I would say, but as most probably find, Monday’s can be a bit manic, so here is a quick A Day in the Life of Mrs Plus Size & Proud in pictures! Mr Plus Size & Proud was in charge of the child this morning, so I  had an extra 30 mins in bed…. Now, I could’ve used these extra minutes to apply the war paint, but the bed won I’m afraid![Read more]